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  1. warchild75 profile image79
    warchild75posted 4 years ago

    Hi guys and gals, I have been MIA from hubpages for the last 18 months and have just got back into it, I only really have the time to write 6-8 quality hubs per month, the problem I have is I have 208 hubs, Only 30ish are featured hubs, Around 80 have some engagement but need work and the rest have the empty circle next to them which I think means they need completly revamping. Should I ditch the worst and refresh the middle ones with new text, pictures etc, or just stick to the featured ones and continue to write good quality hubs.??

    1. csmiravite-blogs profile image58
      csmiravite-blogsposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      You have around 50 featured hubs, it says in your stats. Your traffic is 1,000,000 and that's incredible. I don't have the numbers like yours, but what I did the other day was edit my unfeatured hubs and they became featured after a few  hours. It also increased my rating by two notches. The only problem is that, out of the 15 hubs that I have, only 3 or 4 are giving me the traffic. My mind keeps on saying that I just concentrate on the articles that are giving me the views from google searches. I think, you alone can decide on what to do, since only you can see how your articles are faring.

    2. literal profile image67
      literalposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I would gradually improve unfeatured hubs.  It pays off in the long run and you don't have to do much editing. The bulk of the text is already there so you're not starting from scratch.

  2. Alastar Packer profile image81
    Alastar Packerposted 4 years ago

    You can try revamping as Google seems to be awarding freshness even just by up-dating hubs. If this fails after some time then it's a good idea to delete or move the non-performers as this does help raise your cachet with G,etc and Hubs. Sometimes a title change will work wonders, too. Quality stories and being prolific is the golden key if the monetary aspect is your main impetus.

  3. LeanMan profile image88
    LeanManposted 4 years ago

    Don't just make a few changes without first thinking about why your hubs are being unfeatured.

    If they are unfeatured because of lack of engagement (traffic) then ask yourself why. If there are no searches for your hub title or you are trying to compete against established sites then you will probably never get traffic even if you improve the hub.
    If there are searches for your subject and not too much competition look at what is ranking for your keywords on Google and see why they are better than yours - then improve your hub to be better.

    If it is unfeatured due to quality then you need to look at what I have mentioned above as well as tackling the specific quality reasons that HP have unfeatured you for.

    Good luck.

  4. Author Cheryl profile image86
    Author Cherylposted 4 years ago

    spruce up your old ones so people can read them.

  5. warchild75 profile image79
    warchild75posted 4 years ago

    Thanks everyone. Think I will spend some time with my old hubs before writing new ones. I was pulling in 4500 views a day and would like to get close to that again.

    1. literal profile image67
      literalposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Way to go ...


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