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How do I make money?

  1. Samiaylor profile image78
    Samiaylorposted 3 years ago

    I have done everything I have been told to do. But I must be doing something wrong cause I am not making any money. I have people checking out my hubs but it is not doing anything for me when it comes to making money. What else do I need to do?

    1. The Examiner-1 profile image76
      The Examiner-1posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      You get lots and lots of endless traffic who make lots and lots of comments and read your entire Hubs - not just parts of them.

    2. swilliams profile image84
      swilliamsposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Samiaylor! Try converting your Hubs into videos you have great content you have a great chance of seeing positive change.
      Here is a helpful link.

      1. Marisa Wright profile image98
        Marisa Wrightposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        Actually, I don't know anyone who has done well with video Hubs.  One Hubber who specialised in videos tried it for a while, and came to the conclusion they didn't do well.

    3. Marisa Wright profile image98
      Marisa Wrightposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      You've been here 2 months and have only 11 Hubs. What were your expectations when you joined?

      The whole idea of a revenue-sharing site like HubPages is that you write articles which, over time, will earn more than if you'd sold them.  Say you publish it on the site and it earns $2 a month.  In a year that's $24, which is probably around what you could've sold it for anyway.  However in two years that's $48, and in five years it's $120 - far more than you could ever have sold it for.

      In reality it doesn't work quite like that.   In the early months, your articles may earn hardly at all.  If they're good and are answering a need, earnings will gradually improve.  So they may earn only a few cents a day in their first year, and gradually build up.  My best performing article earned very little at first, but in six years it has earned over $400.

      Think of it as a long term investment.

      Also, be aware that Google thinks of your sub-domain as a website in its own right, as well as being part of HubPages.  Google doesn't like small websites - it likes to see lots of content.   So as you add more Hubs, your standing in Google will gradually improve - which is important, as 90% of our paying traffic comes from Google.

      1. relache profile image91
        relacheposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        The above is it in a nutshell.

      2. Solaras profile image97
        Solarasposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        Hi Marissa: A while back you recommended a way to monetize blogs outside of Adwords.  What was that again?

        1. Marisa Wright profile image98
          Marisa Wrightposted 3 years agoin reply to this

          I wrote a Hub on how to monetize your blog with affiliate networks (other systems like Amazon or eBay). However I don't know anyone making good money with affiliates any more.   The only really successful bloggers I know have their own products to sell, and/or they sell advertising space on their blogs.

          The problem with affiliate networks is that even the best pay less than 10% commission, and you only get paid if someone actually buys, so you need a LOT of visitors to make a decent income.  Whereas if you sell products which you've bought wholesale, you're probably making a 50% markup - and if you're selling your own ebooks, you're making 100%! 

          Same with advertising - you can have affiliate ads on your blog and they'll earn pennies IF someone clicks, whereas if you have a successful blog, you can charge by the day or the month.

          Here's some interesting information from the Nerdy Nomad.  I haven't heard from her for ages so I don' t know if she's still going or not:

          http://www.nerdynomad.com/income-report … ng-report/

    4. literal profile image62
      literalposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      It took me awhile, its nothing to talk about.  Just hang in there and keep hubbing.

  2. psycheskinner profile image82
    psycheskinnerposted 3 years ago

    You have 11 hubs.  If you have a CPM between 2-6 dollars you are getting typical yield, and just need more hubs and more traffic.

  3. WiccanSage profile image96
    WiccanSageposted 3 years ago

    I've been here for almost a year now and I can tell you my experience- ad rev sites such as these are not easy or fast money. I can tell you what it's taken me to succeed:

    - start writing a lot of good hubs and publishing regularly (at least a couple per week, more is better). Good hubs should use good grammar, punctuation, be focused on the topic, be engaging-- I'm sure you understand that part. It also helps to find a niche or two.

    - read other people's hubs, particularly those doing well here. Note their writing, the way they format their hubs, how they use  SEO, etc. I like to follow HP's guidelines- 1150 words minimum, at least 3 great photos (properly attributed), a map or table, a poll or quiz, a video, keep all links and ads limited and relevant.

    - market your hubs; social media is a great way to do this in particular.

    - keep at it-- after 50, 100, 200 hubs, it gets better.

    Very few people will ever make a living (or even a part-time income) from ad rev publishing sites; I'm certainly not one of them, I don't know if I ever will be. But I didn't start HP to make money, I started it for other reasons; increasing payments have just been a nice side-effect of the little success I've had. If you want to be one of those people who earns big here you should do some research on how to succeed with ad rev articles and it's a good idea to step up your publishing and marketing.

    Good luck!

    1. WiccanSage profile image96
      WiccanSageposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Sorry, that should have been almost a year and a half now.

  4. enjoy life profile image77
    enjoy lifeposted 3 years ago

    Time, work and patience.

    There's no 'get rich quick' scheme here. Like any other job, writing takes work. The more hubs, the more the pace will build.

    Interact, comment in others hubs, ask and answer questions, use the forum. Some of those who see your interaction will visit your hubs and maybe follow you.

    Market your hubs off Hubpages by using places like Facebook and other social sites to draw in traffic.

    Write about topics people want to read, and write informative hubs. People will build respect for you as a writer and want to hear what you have to say, especially on topics you are an authority on.

  5. Kathleen Odenthal profile image95
    Kathleen Odenthalposted 3 years ago

    Do you market your hubs? Social media is the key to sites like these. I try and target specific articles to areas and sites I think they will do best, and hope that others reshare them. That is the best way to drive up traffic and encourage communication on your hubs. Hope that helps!

  6. Deepsdmk profile image60
    Deepsdmkposted 3 years ago

    Me too..I am also not getting anything..even though people are viewing mu hubs sad

  7. beaddve1800 profile image77
    beaddve1800posted 3 years ago

    Blogging should not be considered as "making money" at first. You should consider it is a way to promote yourself at first and making money as second.

    1. janshares profile image97
      jansharesposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Well said. As others have said also,  you need more hubs, more time, and more patience. The money will come in, a little at a time. Stick to it and don't give up, samiaylor.