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unwanted ads

  1. Hawkesdream profile image69
    Hawkesdreamposted 9 years ago

    Can anyone advise me as to how I can stop or remove unwanted ads

  2. profile image0
    multimasteryposted 9 years ago

    If you're referring to Adsense then there is no way you can remove those.  But you may be able to keep them to a minimum on some hubs by choosing that they show low instead of high.   Also I do believe that you can log into your Adsense account and block certain merchants from showing their ads through your adsense code.

  3. relache profile image90
    relacheposted 9 years ago

    From your own AdSense account, you can add unwanted sites to the competitive ad filter and that will stop them during those times when your ad ID is assigned to your Hubs.  You can't control the ads when the HubPages ID is on the pages.

    If your Hub has zero outgoing links to any commercial site, you can disable the ads on individual hubs.  What constitutes a commercial site is anything else that runs ads or any page that sells anything, or any site in which you have a vested interest.

  4. thranax profile image54
    thranaxposted 9 years ago

    Don't worry about unwanted ad's. There is rarely anything much anyone can do about them. Only on your own personal websites will you see much of a change.


  5. Hawkesdream profile image69
    Hawkesdreamposted 9 years ago

    Thank you all for your replies, much appreciated, was one ad that I didn't care for, have got a bigger picture of situation now. Thank you