Insert Edit Link from Text Capsule queries

  1. johndwilliams profile image87
    johndwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    I am just working on linking my hubs other hubs I have as well as hubs by other hubbers.

    Questions I have is:

    I highlight a relevant word I want to turn into a Hyperlink, hit the Insert HyperLink button and then I am given three options>My Hubs(10)>Amazon(10)>Hubs(20)....

    .... Now can I assume that in My Hubs> the top Hub selected, is the most RELEVANT to my highlighted word - and so the further I scroll down the list, the lest suitable it is??

    Is Hubpages actually helping here in Link Building?

    Just curious...

  2. EricDockett profile image99
    EricDockettposted 3 years ago

    I would not assume that to be true. The HP link tool makes it easier to find links, but it is still up to you to make the right choice. Ultimately, you need to decide which links are right for your content. If you are linking to your own Hubs that should be pretty easy. You should only link to content that benefits your reader, no matter if it is yours or someone else's.  Never link just for the sake of linking.

    A note about linking to other Hubbers: It is a smart practice to only link to trustworthy, authoritative sources. Some Hubbers meet that criteria. Others, not so much. Make sure you take a good look at who you are linking to, rather than trusting the HP link tool to decide for you.

  3. johndwilliams profile image87
    johndwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    Thanks Eric - very sound advice thanks for helping