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Early Page Viewers

  1. Jake Peralta profile image89
    Jake Peraltaposted 2 years ago

    In some of my previous articles I saw people were viewing them before I published them. I thought these were the editors. However, in my articles "Top 5 Weapons From RWBY" and "Top 5 Strangest Evolutionary Traits" nobody viewed these articles, but I still got a score. What gives?

  2. Rochelle Frank profile image97
    Rochelle Frankposted 2 years ago

    Your own views, as you edit, are counted -- this is what you are e
    Seeing in the stats. Welcome to HubPages!

  3. Jake Peralta profile image89
    Jake Peraltaposted 2 years ago

    Oh. Okay, then. Neat.

  4. Uzochukwu Mike profile image63
    Uzochukwu Mikeposted 2 years ago

    No editor views your published hubs because they become published automatically and scored the same way. But once you publish your hub it becomes viewed by other publishers and visitors.

    Fellow hubbers and visitor to your subdomain are the people that give the early views to those hubs of yours base on interest.

    On the other hand, those hubs that did not receive any views may be due to the time of their publication. At the time of publications, hubbers may be off because they were published at odd hours.

  5. ThelmaC profile image99
    ThelmaCposted 2 years ago

    If you are seeing the number of views before you publish the hub, then it is your own edits and views while you are still writing the hub.  I had the same question when I first started writing here.  And welcome to HubPages!