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Phase Change in Life's Journey

  1. Marie Flint profile image89
    Marie Flintposted 2 years ago

    I seem to be falling behind, if there is such a thing, here at Hub Pages. My unpublished hubs are nearly equal to those that are published and featured. I apologize to those who may have wanted to read one of my unpublished articles that I made unavailable due to "lack of engagement."

    These days my time is taken up by my grandson, a demanding Aquarian (this is the Age of Aquarius, right?). Beautiful child, but, at present, refuses to be left alone or unheld for any length of time.

    The three Pit bull mixes are now "outdoor dogs." (The article I had written about these is presently unpublished).

    I new hubs in the offing, but am sore pressed for time with my new role of mother's helper and nanny.

    I wish to thank all my faithful followers for their patience in waiting for a new hub from me.

    Blessings and inspiration from the creative muses,


    P.S. For those who are able, keep writing!

    1. Michael-Milec profile image59
      Michael-Milecposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Marie Flint, your words "equal to those that are published and featured," came as a balm on the wounds. My head would be liberated from the burdensome thinking "others already published basically everything of that  meant to share, and they did it in perfect English.
      Meanwhile your precious  time  has been filled with noble tasks in the family- congratulations - while I am struggling to putt together strength and will to part completely from my  lifetime  joy and  purpose of creating and producing by hard work.

      1. Marie Flint profile image89
        Marie Flintposted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Your perspective is much appreciated, Michael!

    2. Marisa Wright profile image97
      Marisa Wrightposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Marie, if you have Hubs which were unFeatured due to "lack of engagement", there is no need to unpublish them.

      Go to your profile, click "Edit Profile" and make sure that "Show only Featured Hubs on my profile" is set to "No".    That way, all your (published) unFeatured Hubs will still show on your profile page and your followers will still be able to read them from there. 

      It's true that unFeatured Hubs will not be found by people on Google Search, but at least they will still be visible. 

      "Lack of engagement" is simply HubPages' jargon for "not getting traffic from the search engines".  It's not a reflection on the quality of your Hubs.  To survive, HubPages needs visitors from search engines, because they are the people who click on ads and buy products, so that's why the system is set up to get writers to write for that audience.  In the past I have tried to advise you how to improve your Hubs with that objective in mind so I won't go over that again.

      If life is getting in the way of writing for good reasons, then enjoy it!

      1. Marie Flint profile image89
        Marie Flintposted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Thank you, Marissa. You're always encouraging. I did, in fact, incorporate at least one of your suggestions by putting Amazon and eBay ads closer to text within the article where appropriate. Some articles need revision; others not. I understand that much of the type of traffic tends to be that of people seeking information to something they're trying to learn or resolve. A smaller portion of it is simply for entertainment or to satisfy curiosity. Blessings!

  2. cam8510 profile image97
    cam8510posted 2 years ago

    Don't be discouraged, Marie.  When you have time, just change the title or first picture of those hubs.  I find that is normally all it takes to get them back to featured.  Good luck in your nanny role.

    1. Marie Flint profile image89
      Marie Flintposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for the tip, Cam. Much appreciated!

  3. Jodah profile image91
    Jodahposted 2 years ago

    I understand Marie, sometimes writing has to take a back step to real life when things get busy. I recently had about a quarter of my hubs no longer featured due to engagement, but through a slow process managed to get them featured again...takes time and effort though. I was told by Christy in HP staff that there is nothing to worry about if they are unfeatured as they can still be read and shared. Anyway we'll be anxiously waiting for when you have time to rejoin the fold. p.s. I finally published an eBook of poetry at Lulu, so maybe some short stories or kids' stories may be next.

    1. Marie Flint profile image89
      Marie Flintposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Congratulations on your published eBook of poetry, John. You deserve all the best!

  4. profile image0
    Jacobb9205posted 2 years ago

    I feel the same way, I have about 15-20 unpublished hubs which I need to write up.

    1. Marie Flint profile image89
      Marie Flintposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      I won't tell you how many hub that I felt were good, but I deleted, Jacob. Victory in your endeavor!