How to Track Progress for Re-indexing to New Structure - URLS

  1. janderson99 profile image56
    janderson99posted 2 years ago

    I am not sure of the best way to do this. But using the following search term appears to show pages that have not been re-indexed and cached by Google. Essentially you search for your old subdomain contents. The few subs that I have tried showed about half remain to be re-indexed.
    If you look at the cache for the results of this search you will see that most of these have not been cached after 1 Nov and the cache is for the old subdomain version. This may help to implement the suggestion from Paul E => "If a page hasn't returned to its previous ranking after two weeks, the best thing to do is to update the content on the page."  Authors can no longer use Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) to submit to index.

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    tyabaposted 2 years ago

    it helping for me