I just had my first click through in two days...normal?

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  1. profile image0
    girly_girl09posted 15 years ago

    I've been on Adsense since the 20th and have about 77 hub views (for all 8 of my hubs) and one click-through. Am I headed in the right direction? It's been two days now...what was your first week or so like?

    I know that some folks say that it takes months for them to see substantial earnings. I'd be happy with $20 a month as this is just a really fun hobby. I'm totally addicted, already!

    Any advice is well appreciated. Thanks in advance! big_smile

    1. JYOTI KOTHARI profile image60
      JYOTI KOTHARIposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      You are write in the path. Many hubbers experienced first click after a month or two.
      You are little faster in comparison to an average. congratulations!
      Writing more hubs, viewing and commenting on others hubs, joining fan clubs and posting fan mails will increase traffic and clicks.
      If you take it as hobby, please do not bother for $20. It will come naturally.
      Jyoti Kothari

  2. gamergirl profile image89
    gamergirlposted 15 years ago

    Yeah! The first click is something to celebrate. smile

    May you have many, many more.

  3. profile image0
    girly_girl09posted 15 years ago

    thanks for your response!

  4. Research Analyst profile image72
    Research Analystposted 15 years ago

    keep writing that is the key, and the ball will be rollin.

  5. flread45 profile image58
    flread45posted 15 years ago

    Keep writing and the clicks will keep coming.

  6. Frieda Babbley profile image78
    Frieda Babbleyposted 15 years ago

    Congratulations on your first click.  I don't remember when mine was, but it certainly wasn't that fast, so kudos to you!  Keep on writing, sister!

  7. accofranco profile image77
    accofrancoposted 15 years ago

    Congrats girl girl! This is really wonderful to hear. Don't be too amazed because more is coming your way soon! I wish you more views and ad clicks. And you must start to give out your hub url to people, that will really help. Submit your hubs here free: http://submitexpress.com/ and http://searchenginez.com/submit.html. Good luck!

  8. profile image0
    girly_girl09posted 15 years ago

    Thanks for those links! Headed over to check them out right now.

    1. accofranco profile image77
      accofrancoposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Best of luck. I just checked out your hub on making money sites, they are cool,keep them coming surely you will make it ok?

  9. Misha profile image64
    Mishaposted 15 years ago

    Blind leading blind lol Internet marketing at its finest lol

    1. profile image0
      girly_girl09posted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Misha - I'm not giving folks advice on how to make lots of money online. I have no experience, whatsoever with that. This person was referring to a hub where I just elaborate upon how I make a few bucks by using websites that are fun to use. Just thought I'd clear that up. smile

    2. accofranco profile image77
      accofrancoposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Here they come...! And i didn't here about how i owe the links or how they fetch me some scams or bucks? And please interpol is watching,if you make use of any of the links, chains, jail and gas chamber! O my...G! Misha take it easy with me, we are all one in one family, never meant to hurt. Just drop any clue you have to help this new hubber, she's full of virtues and power, check her hubs out, sure you will love them. Take care.

  10. Misha profile image64
    Mishaposted 15 years ago

    LOL Acco, you are not helping, you are hurting. Submitting to search engines is a complete waste of time. Hubs generally get indexed pretty fast, within hours, but if you want it to happen even faster on average, just ping your new hub...

    Girly, I mostly meant Acco, thanks for clarification though smile

    1. accofranco profile image77
      accofrancoposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Please Misha how do you ping a new hub? I would love to learn too. Thanks!

    2. Lissie profile image76
      Lissieposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Its unbelievable that that old fallacy won't die! There are only 3 search engines that matter, there is only one which brings any substantial traffic. Internet marketing 101:
      - develop a site/page which is focussed on buying keywords which aren't too competitve
      - build backlinks to the site which are anchored for your keywords
      - rinse and repeat

      its not fun, glamourous, or easy -but do the work you will make money

  11. ajayrjha profile image36
    ajayrjhaposted 15 years ago

    You are lucky, I am not. Join my fan club. Thanks in advance

  12. Misha profile image64
    Mishaposted 15 years ago
    1. profile image0
      girly_girl09posted 15 years agoin reply to this

      I'm headed over to autopinger.com right now. Thank you, Misha!

  13. Misha profile image64
    Mishaposted 15 years ago

    yw smile

  14. accofranco profile image77
    accofrancoposted 15 years ago

    Misha thanks, i am happy girly is learning some tricks now on how to increase her hub views and ad clicks, "girly" expect more help ok? And do ask questions where you are confused, there are alot of experts here to assist you. Good luck and bravo!

  15. earnestshub profile image80
    earnestshubposted 15 years ago

    Listen to lissie! She knows how to do it and always offers sound advice.

  16. lindagoffigan profile image56
    lindagoffiganposted 15 years ago

    Content is king. If you write with relevancy on topics about everyday living, you will do fine.  Check your earnings the same time daily and do not get disillusioned. 

    Your earnings will not increase if you do not write and contribute content consistently.  Set a number of articles you plan to write everyday and stick with it.  Based on relevancy and interest to others, your earnings should increase.

    Also read up on Google Adsense and Keyword search to learn about ad placement and  optimizing your writing . Be careful about using tools outside of hubpages or you may get banned.  Hubpages has a good relationship with the Google search engine and the content capsules are quite helpful.

    Hubpages just had maintenance done on the site a few days ago and sometimes that will cause a slight change in what you are use to seeing in your analytics. Everything gets back to normal quickly, so do not be concerned about a slight change in what you are use to seeing.

    1. Misha profile image64
      Mishaposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Care to prove this?

      And this, too?

      Which exactly tools do you mean? And banned from where?

      What exactly HP maintenance changes on GA?


  17. Pete Maida profile image59
    Pete Maidaposted 15 years ago

    I've been in hubpages three months and I've had a total of five clicks.  I'm maybe ten percent of the way to making my first nickel working through HubPages.  I'll be really old before that happens.  I write here because I enjoy it.  There are good people here taking the time to read what I write and that is a very good thing.

  18. thranax profile image71
    thranaxposted 15 years ago

    $20 a month is the 3rd goal many look at achieving. It starts with $5 a month, then $10, then doubles to $20. If you think of this as a hobby, don't worry about the money-it will come over time as you provide your "hobby products" with viewers.



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