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How Do I get more Followers?

  1. profile image0
    Sienna Aspenposted 24 months ago

    How do I get more followers on here? Thank you!

    1. theraggededge profile image100
      theraggededgeposted 24 months agoin reply to this

      Particpate on the forums. Read and follow other people and their hubs. Leave comments. Write more hubs.

      That's it smile

      Don't forget the external traffic is more important if you are trying to earn money. Having lots of followers is a social benefit, not a financial one.

    2. paradigmsearch profile image93
      paradigmsearchposted 24 months agoin reply to this

      I see that you own your own business. Getting followers really won't help your bottom line much around here. I'd recommend LinkedIn; then link to your hubs from there to here. smile

      1. Kenna McHugh profile image85
        Kenna McHughposted 18 months agoin reply to this

        How can I get LinkedIn on my Hub pages? Like Twitter and FB.

        1. sallybea profile image100
          sallybeaposted 18 months agoin reply to this

          Go to your Profile page/ edit the info and add the items you would like to appear on your profile page.

          1. Kenna McHugh profile image85
            Kenna McHughposted 18 months agoin reply to this

            Thanks. I realized I have done that already. : ) I just haven't check my Linkedin for awhile.

    3. Marisa Wright profile image99
      Marisa Wrightposted 24 months agoin reply to this

      As Paradigmsearch says, getting more followers will not result in getting more readers.

      Followers on HubPages are not the same as followers on other sites:  they are just other writers, not readers.   To get readers, you need to focus on getting your Hubs ranked well on Google.

    4. Jean Bakula profile image99
      Jean Bakulaposted 18 months agoin reply to this

      Try to build up a portfolio of hubs. The people who comment here don't make money for you, they are just interested in meeting new writers on the site. You can leave links on other sites leading to what you wrote.

      It takes time for the hubs to age, but it's the only site I ever made money on. Just try to write good material, and if it's on the first page of Google, more people will find it. I never put my stuff on FB, I figured if friends wanted to read my stuff, they would just come here. Read all the rules in the Terms of Service and ask questions, then write and give it time.  Good luck.