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help to understand hubpages

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    shiva2407posted 2 years ago

    Hello everyone

    I am new here and wish to express my views by writing but i guess hubpage is not for amature.
    Well i tried to publish and article but i got replay suggesting improvisation. After couple of try i still couldnt make it.

    So can any one please review it and give me suggesting about how can i improve it.
    It will be great learning experience for me and i will be really thankful for it

    Here is my article

    East, West and cold play

    Recently there has been talk about Coldplay’s video (Coldplay - Hymn for the Weekend). Its contain about India has been under question for its representation of India. It brings back age long debate about western superiority complex and its need to show how others are poor and unlucky. west likes to see how westerners are fortunate to be citizen of western world. I genuinely believe that westerners have this superiority complex and western media tries to exploit it by feeding them contain which create picture of unfortunate world in east or anywhere else. But in current case I would like to differ my opinion.

    1st of all as music lover I loved that solo. It has great music and equally symphonic video. It comes as package and matches Coldplay’s well deserved fame. Its artistic creation and both artists (Coldplay and Beyoncé) need to be applauded for it.

    Now let’s come to debate.

    Yes, they have again showed old sagas, poor and overcrowded city, colourful cab, small houses, temple, narrow lanes with naked kids dancing and playing colour and low technology such as single screen theater, projector etc.

    and remember they haven’t forgot to make it exotic


    India is complex country. We are one of the best in space technology, IT, defense, culture and many more but there should not be any denial that most of above that has been shown in video is not part of India.

    Then question arise

    On the one hand we have Danny Boyle slum dog Milliner, leslee udwin’s Daughter of Indian and on other we have this music video.

    What separate them?

    Both of them are showing almost same contain.

    Is there any difference? Or are those two same?

    In my opinion what separates them is message or the gist of video.

    In slum dog milliner Danny Boyle has shown how dreadful Indian childhood is. He was giving message that India is 3rd world poor, dirty, backward country, full of crime, full of cruelty and lack in morals. As expected western media loved it. They loved innocent Jamal fight against adversaries but somewhere it also feed their superiority complex. I believe it was that mixture of underdog fight and superiority complex made that movie special. In that also I will put more emphasis on second part because there have been many movies in India, about India. They all have underdog fight but they never made so fame then what sets slumdog apart is its picture of India isn’t it.

    On same line we also have lessee udwins’s documentary ‘’the daughters of India’’. I watched lessee’s all pre-release interviews. Her thoughts were impressive. After listening to them anyone will genuinely started supporting her cause. Her thoughts like Suffering of women is worldwide phenomena and world needs to get together to solve this problem were understandable. In every interview she explains her motivation to make movie in India. She always said that she was impressed by Indian youth. She was impress by young India coming together for women’s fight and also according to her this was 1st time in world history when such big movement was carried out for women’s cause. So in all and all according to her in India environment for women’s cause was positive and admirable or motivational but here again with great disappointment end product wasn’t saying same. Final edited version was kind of saying that Indian men are uneducated, uncivilized, rapist. Instead of giving message about women’s problem it showed Indian men and society being Misogyny. This movie also becomes popular. After this movie was released majority females outside started fearing India. Now women’s cause is important issue but I strongly believe that one of the major factor behind the success of this documentary was bad picture of India. Which were feeding western superiority complex.

    Both of these are obviously not true but truth doesn’t matter they fed western superiority complex and hence got popular

    On the other hand

    Coldplay’s video shows that India is colourful country. Presence of saga’s shows that India is still connected to spirituality. Kids playing colour and swimming in river, doing classical dance with superb expressions say that happiness doesn’t come from comfort and money it come from within. This always has been part of our culture isn’t it. It shows how we enjoy life how we live in trance with happiness and how world should learn it from us so for me this video is great end product hence both thumbs up for Coldplay.

    Now yes, there are some inconsistencies. For example Beyoncé’s costume is nowhere related to Indian culture or Low level technologies like projector and single screen are almost impossible to find in today’s India. Then why did they put them in video. Is it to show India as poor backward India. Well I don’t know but I might consider it as need of plot and not intentional one. After all this is entertainment video and not documentary.

    so guy enjoy the video and look for the message that it has



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      theraggededgeposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Hello Shiva,

      Unfortunately your English language skills are not developed enough for your hub to be featured. HubPages is aimed at English speakers and readers so requires a good standard of writing, whether the writer is amateur or professional.

      You may have more success publishing your work on your own blog.

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        shiva2407posted 2 years agoin reply to this

        thank you very much for your replay now i understand where i need work
        thank you once again

        1. jackclee lm profile image80
          jackclee lmposted 2 years agoin reply to this

          Don't get discouraged. I wrote a hub on "how to create a hub and get featured." You can find it by searching for the title. Your English though not great should not be a deterrent. It takes a while to learn the ins and outs of HubPages. Good luck.

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            shiva2407posted 2 years agoin reply to this

            hey thank you very much yes sure i will look into your article after all its a learning opportunity for me
            thank you very much once again