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let's give them a gift of few words ?

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    shreekrishnaposted 8 years ago

    let's o5give a gift of few words ,

    to popular & best hubbers , whom i have found here.

    this is random list not arranged in any way.

    1)misha                          7)earnestshub

    2)badcompany99                   8)ladyvenus

    3)aniketgore                     9)paperpack

    3)whitney                        10)countrywomen

    4)lissi                          11)fogdropping

    5)marisa wright                  12)ladyguinevere

    5)ysdata                         13)missjamied

    6)dame scribe                    14)research analyst


    15)generique media               16)sunforged

    17)darkside                      17)girly_girl09


    i have foud all this active on forums ,

    i am leaving forums for some days,
    becoz whenever i write a post ,
    many times hubbers dont like it.

    i will not visit forums for to see the replies for this post.
    thank you,
    good luck all.

  2. frogdropping profile image84
    frogdroppingposted 8 years ago

    Awwww shreek! Come back lass! Don't get offended or upset if others' don't reply to your posts! It's all good.

    You're doing a great job in hubland big_smile

  3. Uninvited Writer profile image85
    Uninvited Writerposted 8 years ago

    You post on a public forum you have to expect that everyone will not agree with you. You have every right to say what you want, but so do others.

  4. Whitney05 profile image85
    Whitney05posted 8 years ago

    I'm sorry I'm on the list. I am also sorry you're leaving. Just because people don't agree with the million suggestions you've posted, it doesn't mean you have to leave the forums.

    I merely suggest that you get used to the site and work with the features that are available before making so many suggestions and changes.