What happened to the Twitter share button?

  1. Sam Montana profile image48
    Sam Montanaposted 15 months ago

    Just wondering why the Twitter share button no longer shows on articles?

    1. Glenn Stok profile image99
      Glenn Stokposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      Twitter was removed because it never brought much traffic as compared to Flipboard. You'll notice the new Flipboard share button that took its place. If you don't know about Flipboard, see all the forum threads about it. We have all been discussing it over the past couple of months. I also wrote a tutorial hub on Flipboard that you can find in my profile.

  2. Shane Barker profile image83
    Shane Barkerposted 13 months ago

    Twitter recently stopped showing the share button because they wanted to make things simpler.The share count was not always accurate, and not "official." After the change, Twitter share counts started to disappear from websites (like The Huffington Post) that have buttons that used to show total shares. However, if something stopped working, there is always an alternate. One that you can try is the free plugin for Chrome that was created by BuzzSumo. It shows share counts on any webpage, including counts for Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more. Here is an article: http://www.convinceandconvert.com/socia … re-button/ with more info about why Twitter killed the share button.