Feedback for my hub "The Future of Scotland and the UK"

  1. Anthony Rocker GM profile image72
    Anthony Rocker GMposted 22 months ago

    Hello everyone, I have published my third hub today and I think I did a better job than on the first two. I really enjoy writing these hubs and I would like to write more regularly, and I would really appreciate to know what you think of it, and what tips you might have to offer.

    1. Jason mackenzie profile image67
      Jason mackenzieposted 22 months agoin reply to this

      Hi, one suggestion - under the arguments section in favour of and against independence, you could bold the main points. This way they would immediately catch the eye of the reader and break the monotony of the text also, which at present appears to be a wall of content under these headings. Hoping my suggestion would be helpful, thanks, regards...

  2. theraggededge profile image97
    theraggededgeposted 22 months ago

    Hi Jason,

    Here is the link to your hub: … and-the-UK

    Welcome to Hubpages. You have a nice style of writing.

    The main problem with your article is that it isn't 'evergreen'. HP wants articles that are just as current in two years as they are now. Yours will need constant editing as circumstances change.

    There are some problems with capitalisation: Prime Minister, Article 50, EU - all need to be capitalised.

    Your sub-headings should be in title case.

    Read the text through out loud to pick up grammar problems, such as, "Why have second referendum..."

    Move the poll to the end of the article. Google wants to see a proper intro 'above the fold', not a poll.

    Go through the text and weed out 'woolly' phrases. For example: "All this is leading to worries about the state in which the union is, and is leaving with questions that need answered."

    "People are worried about the state of the union (UK), and are left with unanswered questions."

    You've missed out some fundamental points in your article:

    1. Scotland sells far more to the UK to the EU. What could happen as regards tariffs?
    2. Westminster is devolving power to Scotland. The EU will take power as it follows its aims of 'ever closer union'.
    3. Following on... why does Scotland want independence outside the UK but is willing to subjugate that independence to Brussels?
    4. You briefly  mention currency but it needs expanding. A country's currency is the basis of its economy, and thus the well-being of its citizens.
    5. Scotland could find itself in an economic no-man's land between leaving the UK and joining the EU. What are the contingency plans?
    6. There's no guarantee at the moment that Scotland will be allowed to join the EU.
    7. Would the EU even want another net beneficiary? At the moment, Scotland, together with the UK, is a net contributor.
    8. The SNP uses immigration as an argument, but the British Government has already clearly stated that immigration will not cease. Instead the UK will adopt 'selective immigration', meaning that people coming here will have skills and jobs prior to migration. At the same time, this means that the UK can choose people from anywhere in the world (including the EU), rather than being forced to take unlimited EU immigrants who come here on spec.

    Hope that helps smile


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