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Help - I have an adsense number but I don't know where to see ...

  1. Susan Hambidge profile image98
    Susan Hambidgeposted 3 months ago

    I received my adsense account affiliate number some time (years?) ago. I wanted to see if there were any earnings, analytics, anything really but I don't know how to do it.

    I have signed in to Google with my old email address. There is an old blog on there from 10 years ago, the blog has no content or activity. But I cannot see anything about my hubpages account.

    What do I do? All I can find is applying for an adsense - not looking up one I already have!

    Please make any answers simple. I have tried to remove the blog site but I cannot seem to do this either.


    1. Jeremy Gill profile image96
      Jeremy Gillposted 3 months agoin reply to this

      Hopefully others can help more if this idea fails, but here's a link Google Adsense gives for troubleshooting login issues:

      https://support.google.com/adsense/trou … er/2594929

      I was going to provide their email address as well, but they interestingly only provide email support to users who meet a minimum weekly earnings standard. How peculiar.

  2. Susan Hambidge profile image98
    Susan Hambidgeposted 3 months ago

    Thanks Jeremy. I have tried the above. The message I get is that my adsense account has not been approved because my website has insufficient content (My ancient blog that has no content).

    I can't seem to remove this website AND I am not applying for a new adsense. I have my Hub pages one.

    1. psycheskinner profile image82
      psycheskinnerposted 3 months agoin reply to this

      Are you saying you have a separate Goodgle Adsense account that can be used on any webpage (other than the one for your blog), or that you applied for and got a hosted Adsense account that you can use only on Hubpages?

      1. Susan Hambidge profile image98
        Susan Hambidgeposted 3 months agoin reply to this

        I don't know. Maybe this is the problem.
        I applied for an adsense account though Hub Pages ages ago, and it was approved. The ID is on my Hub Pages Earnings tab. I just let it sit there until recently when I thought I'd see if I have earned any money through it. I don't know how to do that.

        What I have tried to do is log on to adsense using my Googlemail password and I get the message 'I have not been approved because if insufficient content on my website' and the website mentioned is my blog. I have somewhere crossed things over!

        1. NateB11 profile image96
          NateB11posted 3 months agoin reply to this

          There is some missing piece here; because if you were approved for an Adsense account through Hubpages, then you should have a valid Adsense account. And, if so, Hubpages should be showing up in your Adsense account, unless it was never activated here at Hubpages. So:

          1. Either you are logging into the wrong Adsense account (not sure this is even possible), or;

          2. You have not activated your Adsense here at Hubpages, or;

          3. You never were approved for Adsense.

          If your Adsense was activated here at Hubpages, it would be showing up in your Adsense account.

  3. Endy Noble profile image59
    Endy Nobleposted 3 months ago

    Susan, your situation and explanations are not clear.
    It is one thing to have your request declined for insufficient content.
    It another thing to get approved and you don't understand the setting.
    Make your question  clearer. You might get help.
    I believe NateB11 is closer to answering your question. But he might be stucked like most of us.

    Thanks for asking!

  4. psycheskinner profile image82
    psycheskinnerposted 3 months ago

    You are logging onto the wrong account, possibly because your browser is automatically connecting you to it--I sometimes have this problem.

    I would suggest trying to clear all cookies or cache, or just using a different computer.  Then when you sign into the account listed by hubpages you can use or reset the password for that account.

  5. Susan Hambidge profile image98
    Susan Hambidgeposted 3 months ago

    This was it psyche skinner! I was logging into the wrong account!

    I set up a totally new email when I applied for adsense, and had completely forgotten that!

    Once I had searched for the passwords etc and logged in - there it was!

    I recall setting up a new email because my google mail had my old blog attached to it which was causing issues with adsense, so started a whole new email.

    Thank you for jogging my memory. It has taken several hours of my life - but now I can see all the analytics everyone has been talking about, and a few dollars in income.