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Need a Way To Correct Spelling Errors in Poll Capsules

  1. Glenn Stok profile image99
    Glenn Stokposted 7 months ago

    The poll capsule will reset accumulated data to zero if we change the question or answers. I understand that. But when we discover we made a spelling error in an existing published hub, it would be nice if we could correct it without losing the data and starting over.

    I understand why it was programmed that way–because in many cases changing the answer options will make prior accumulated data meaningless. However, changing the question itself is not so drastic, especially if it's just related to changing a single word.


    Maybe a solution would be to allow changes to the question but continue to reset data if any of the answers are modified. A more detailed warning can also be included to let Hubbers know that they should be careful with changing the logic of a question and how it may impact the relationship to existing responses.  Then it would be up to them to be careful, while allowing them to fix mistakes.

    1. Jeremy Gill profile image96
      Jeremy Gillposted 7 months agoin reply to this

      A good suggestion. Once I realized that changing even the slightest detail in a poll's wording will reset everything, I started meticulously pouring over every bit to ensure I won't have changes I'd like to make down the road (and lose everything when doing so).

      A bit off-topic, but this reminds me of Facebook statuses. Once liked, even if a Facebook status is edited (perhaps drastically), the like remains unless the liker manually removes it.

    2. Christy Kirwan profile image
      Christy Kirwanposted 7 months agoin reply to this

      We do this to protect the integrity of the poll results. Even if the answers are not changed, the question may be edited such that the answers show the opposite of what the people who originally voted intended. We recommend doing as Jeremy suggests and triple-checking polls very carefully. We also recommend fixing errors that appear in polls even when it means the information will be reset. The poll will always collect more answers over time, and it's better to have one without errors.

      1. Glenn Stok profile image99
        Glenn Stokposted 7 months agoin reply to this

        That's basically what I said. I always understood the reasoning for that decision.

        Triple checking ahead of publishing is always a good idea for everything, not just for polls. I just feel it's unfortunate that I found an error I made five years ago. Losing five years of data is not an option I wish to choose, especially since it's a trivial error with a minor misspelling of a single word. 

        Anyway, thanks for your reply Christy.

        1. Christy Kirwan profile image
          Christy Kirwanposted 7 months agoin reply to this

          Yeah, there's simply not a way for us to allow changes (even simple ones) without opening poll data up to potentially have a completely different meaning indicated, unfortunately. Even our editors are unable to make changes without the answers clearing. Requiring moderators to approve changes might be a good solution, but the engineering team doesn't have the time to build new features like that just now. I'll bring it up to the team as something to consider at some point in the future, though.

          1. Glenn Stok profile image99
            Glenn Stokposted 7 months agoin reply to this

            I perfectly understand, Christy. I know how busy the team is, and I do appreciate all the work that has been going on. This is such as minor issue that I wouldn't give it priority either. I do appreciate, however, that you said you'll bring up your solution for a future consideration.

            1. Venkatachari M profile image42
              Venkatachari Mposted 7 months agoin reply to this

              A good question asked and I appreciate Christy Kirwan's nice approach at finding some solution if it is feasible in any further future time.