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Featured issue

  1. The Stages Of ME profile image64
    The Stages Of MEposted 3 weeks ago

    I received a notice that my article is not featured quality. The article in question was at one time featured, however I made some minor revisions with grammar and such and now it is rated 50. I am so confused as I am not clear as to what I am doing wrong lately many of my articles are bombing in the featured quality area. Articles that previously were okay. One such article is Our God is Limitless. I respectfully ask for some input from the Hub community, as this is happening with many of my articles, and it is quite discouraging. I also would love input on editing software free or fee that some might use to help in the writing.

    I do hope this is not overstepping, I just need some direction on what to do. I have read the articles sent to me about spammy elements (which I don't understand) and other issues. I do not see what I am doing incorrectly.
    This is becoming quite frustrating and feels as though they want me to stop writing here. If so I will be sad but understand my quality is lacking .

    the URL is https://hubpages.com/religion-philosoph … emer-Lives but I would also like to change that to Our God is Limitless the Title of the article and I do not know how to do that either.

    Any support or help would be appreciated. I chose only one of the articles not to self promote, but rather because I am lost on this issue.

    1. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image98
      TIMETRAVELER2posted 2 weeks agoin reply to this

      I took a quick look at this article.  Here are my thoughts.

      This is more of an "op ed" than an article.  Articles that do well either answer people's questions or help them to do something.  Most are not interested in your opinions or thoughts, regardless of how meaningful they may be.

      This hub is not focused.  It just kind of meanders from one point to another.  I see little cohesiveness in it.

      I would suggest taking the sections apart and using each as the topic for one hub.  Focus on everything you can think of about that specific topic  that will help people, rather than just stating your personal views. 

      For example, those who are having trouble believing may want information that will help them to strengthen their beliefs.  Bad things are happening, yes...but those are the things that discourage belief.  Why not write about the good things that are happening so people can see the brighter side?

      Don't know if this will help you or not, but you need to understand that HP is not a place to simply do a blog about your own thoughts.  The fact that you are doing this is probably why your articles are failing now.

  2. Jeremy Gill profile image96
    Jeremy Gillposted 3 weeks ago

    Having skimmed some of your Hubs, here's some general advice:

    Proofread. Capitalize key words in Hubs and watch out for errors (like spelling lightning as lightening). Additionally, try your best to make your articles informative and have a clear structure; some topics seem vague and veer off topic.

  3. Marisa Wright profile image98
    Marisa Wrightposted 2 weeks ago

    HubPages' rules have changed.  When they changed, it wasn't practical for staff to go back and check every single Hub, so your existing Hubs were able to sit there unaffected.  However, if you edit a Hub, it is sent for checking.

    So, a solution to your problem is simply not to edit your Hubs, because if you don't touch them, staff won't check them. 

    As for the ones you've already edited:  I suggest the first thing you do is read my Hub about The Basic Rules (you'll find it on the slider on my profile).  You may find some rules you're breaking - fix those and your Hub will be Featured again.

    If you can't find any problems with rules, then it's probably your grammar or spelling that's letting you down.

    1. The Stages Of ME profile image64
      The Stages Of MEposted 2 weeks agoin reply to this

      Thanks Marisa I will do that smile

    2. The Stages Of ME profile image64
      The Stages Of MEposted 2 weeks agoin reply to this

      Thanks for the honest input, I will re-write as soon as I can. I am surprised to hear I have a negative focus as I am one of the most happy and positive people, generally. I did write this article (which appears as a blog) at a very difficult time. I do not ever want to discourage belief, that is not me at all. I will most definitely take this to heart and rewrite. Thank so much for the truth, the truth is what sets us free. smile