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Upgrade rejection notices

  1. Marisa Wright profile image99
    Marisa Wrightposted 8 weeks ago

    Jean, for some reason your initial post has been deleted, but I will answer your question anyway.

    The rejection notice is a thorn in all our sides, but as raggededge says, many people have asked for it to be more personal and specific.   I was talking to someone who used to do a similar moderation job on another platform, and they said it can't be done - the pressure of work is just too great.  The moderators are reviewing hundreds of articles, and they struggle to get through the workload every day.  Even if it only took them an extra 30 seconds to write a personal reason to each Hubber, it would mean they'd never get through their work.

    The only wayto fix it is for HubPages to hire more moderators, and they have to look at the cost/benefit for their business.  They can't justify it.

    You're a good writer, so it's 99% likely that the reason for rejection is that you've broken a rule.  Can I suggest you take a look at my Hub on The Basic Rules (it's on the slider on my profile).  It summarises ALL the rules you must obey, if you want your Hubs to be published and featured.

  2. Jean Harris profile image88
    Jean Harrisposted 8 weeks ago

    The reviewer name can be appended automatically and a simple set of chackboxes could be used to help me narrow the issue down. "innacurate content" or "layout issue" etc... anything.

    I deleted the first comment so as not to sound like a squeeky wheel, I hate complaining at all. I've deleted that hub and moved on. It was highly technical about a topic you'd need to be up to speed on SEO issues to benefit from, I'm not sure the reviewers are experts in the fields they moderate over?

    1. DrMark1961 profile image99
      DrMark1961posted 8 weeks agoin reply to this

      The moderator is not going to fail your article because they do not know the suject. They do not need to be an expert in every field. As Marisa mentioned, you probably just broke a rule.
      If the article is going to benefit people, publish it again. If it does not pass QAP ask some others here to look at it.

      1. Venkatachari M profile image46
        Venkatachari Mposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this

        Just seen this forum after posting my one which is related to this topic.
        Why can't the moderators give some seconds to tell us the reason for rejection? The problem is they are rejecting a featured article that earns the most traffic for that writer simply because of his adding some more content to the existing one.