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    The Sharkposted 8 years ago

    Open Letter to Dave Letterman

    Hello Dave Letterman,
    Congratulations Dave you have hit a home run with your
    commentary about Sarah Palin. It's about time that males
    in America stood up and finally declared publicly our superiority to women. You so eloquently put Palin and her daughter in their place. Great to see a man of such importance on our side, MSSOA, Male Superior Society of America. And make no mistake Dave, you are an important man!  One anonyms charter member, a retired MLB player,
    said it so well about twenty five years ago. I want my wife to be a perfect cook in the kitchen, a perfect lady in the living room, and whore in the bedroom. Now that's a man that knows a woman's place. Wow, but to have a new member of such prominence and visibility as you is just more than we could have ever hoped for. So welcome to the club Dave, we will watch with new enthusiasm each night for the new gem that falls from you lips letting women know their place.
    Dave, you know what would be really great? If you would
    require all of your female guests to wear  Burkas. Now that would be sending the message.
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