Hi, Do any of you collect, anything?

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  1. Shannondoah profile image58
    Shannondoahposted 9 years ago

    I am a really avid Stamp Collector, and have other Collections as well.
    I find it not only interesting, but hope that one day my Collections might also have a Value.

    1. Davinagirl3 profile image61
      Davinagirl3posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I collect "Mystery Science Theater 3000" DVDs.  I use to be a MST3K dork, and now I watch one, every now and then, to laugh like when I was in college.  P.S. I know, now, that they are funnier with weed.

  2. profile image0
    L. Andrew Marrposted 9 years ago

    I'm a bit of a cleptomaniac (is that how you spell it???)

    I have a collection of metal dragons, windproof lighters (zippos), Stephen King books, Andy Warhol prints, miniture ships...loads of stuff...a new thing every year...


    1. Shannondoah profile image58
      Shannondoahposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      You got most of the Word rite, starts with a (K) though. I love Andy Warhol, and also have some prints, Alltime Favorite
      The Baked Beans Can.

  3. lrohner profile image78
    lrohnerposted 9 years ago

    I collect debt.  And you?

    1. Shannondoah profile image58
      Shannondoahposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      No that is one thing, I have never collected.

  4. Enelle Lamb profile image83
    Enelle Lambposted 9 years ago

    LOL I have a pretty big collection of that too...
    I also collect one of a kind things, and believe it or not, Agatha Christie books...

  5. profile image0
    L. Andrew Marrposted 9 years ago

    Haha, I can relate to that...and bills!

  6. AEvans profile image77
    AEvansposted 9 years ago

    I collect Angels and have to many to count, I honestly gave some of them away because there were so many. When people know you like something they buy it for you constantly.smile

  7. livewithrichard profile image85
    livewithrichardposted 9 years ago

    I collect hobo and unusual clowns and all sorts of creepy things.  It helps when I write my horror stuff.

  8. getpaidtopost profile image37
    getpaidtopostposted 9 years ago

    I seem to collect junk, Just seems everywhere i look there is junk, things that Ive bought over the years and just never got round to using. The spare room is full, the loft is full, and I have to park my car on the street because the garage is full too.

    I keep saying Ill flog it all on ebay but it takes to long to list each item and they don't always sell.

    So I think i am a collector of JUNK

    1. k@ri profile image90
      k@riposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Junk collectors have their place in this world also...One day all that "junk" may be worth much

  9. Colebabie profile image61
    Colebabieposted 9 years ago

    When I was little I would collect milk ads from magazines. Now I don't collect much of anything. I am the opposite of a hoarder. If I haven't worn or used it in 6 months, I tend to toss it!

  10. guidebaba profile image58
    guidebabaposted 9 years ago

    I love to collect Money !

  11. Shannondoah profile image58
    Shannondoahposted 9 years ago

    Oh Dear, I am the only one that collects, Stamps and Spoons, and I started by getting them, from a Pal that collects junk.

  12. Randy Godwin profile image93
    Randy Godwinposted 9 years ago

    I am an avid amateur archaeologist and collect arrowheads and projectile points which I find on my property.

  13. Ivorwen profile image70
    Ivorwenposted 9 years ago

    I work very hard not to collect junk, but it seems to accumulate in my house, as though it were collecting me...

    I collect...
    -CDs from my favorite bands.
    -Dishes.  Love them and wish I had room for more.
    -Antiques, of certain areas, as long as they are useful to me.
    -Old books, especially first editions, by my favorite authors.
    -Piggy banks. (Though none that look like pigs.)

    I would love to have a collection of cookie jars and rolling pins... but right now they would be 'just one more thing.'  Now where is that dream home I have been imagining since I was a kid?

  14. Dame Scribe profile image61
    Dame Scribeposted 9 years ago

    I have collections of book series, love letters and colored bottles hmm big_smile err....n shoes tongue lol


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