Would you say that people who are well read are better equiped to find solutions

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  1. days leaper profile image77
    days leaperposted 8 years ago

    Would you say that people who are well read are better equiped to find solutions?

    The classics such as Shakespear, and others are full of situations that people cope with.  And may be a useful reference in many difficult situations.  And if studied coping or solutions may perhaps be applied to and/or fashioned to other similar but different situations.

  2. Absent Friend profile image61
    Absent Friendposted 8 years ago

    It depends what you read, your comprehension and memory of the material.

  3. pippap profile image85
    pippapposted 8 years ago

    Being well read may or may not make you better equipped to find solutions.  Creating solutions depends to a large degree on the creativity and imagination of the creating individual.

    Having said that, if the imagination, creativity, and memory of the person work well together, they are able to recall situations, etc. where something worked that may be utilized in the present situation or adapted to fit the present situation.

    Generally speaking, my answer would be "yes, they are better able to find solutions".

  4. Emissionguy profile image83
    Emissionguyposted 8 years ago


    Reading the classics does not improve peoples ability to reason, take risks or find solutions.

    Life experience makes people better problem solvers. My work exposes me to all kinds of people. My belief is that people accustomed to dealing with high risk to reward scenarios learn creative ways of minimizing risks when trying to apply solutions.

    You can overthink situations to the point of inaction which happens quite frequently.

    Like the oil splill in the gulf of mexico. All these big brains and its still leaking. Why? Overthinking the situation. They don't want to colapse the field because then they won't be able to get any more oil from it.

  5. profile image49
    meghancsmithnjposted 8 years ago

    I don't believe that people who are well read can solve problems better than those who do not read as much. I believe it begins in childhood.  Finding a variety of ways to solve a math problem, even simple addition, can develop problem solving skills. Doing mazes and puzzles will help too.  You must have the ability to think outside of the box as people say. You also need to be able to work well with others and listen to and respect all opinions. You never know when others ideas can spark one's thought process.

  6. lilian_sg profile image72
    lilian_sgposted 8 years ago

    Having read more is always better than not reading at all. But in my opinion, experience is more important. It doesn't matter how many cookbooks you have read, if you have never cooked before!

  7. billyaustindillon profile image63
    billyaustindillonposted 8 years ago

    I would say being well read gives you more experience to draw and potential solutions. Like everything it comes down to the individual - you can direct a horse to water but you can't force it to drink.

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