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How long when you first join, does it take to start earning money? Obviously I k

  1. SteffyRose profile image61
    SteffyRoseposted 7 years ago

    How long when you first join, does it take to start earning money? Obviously I know its not...

    going to be loads to begin with!

  2. RobertAllenSavage profile image60
    RobertAllenSavageposted 7 years ago

    I have been on Hub a year, and have yet to make one red cent, but then again that is not my motivation for being here. I would suggest reading the Hubber  SEO IT she has great leads on this topic.

  3. Nick B profile image82
    Nick Bposted 7 years ago

    I've been here just under a year now, but its only in the last few weeks that I have joined AdSense. In that time, I have registered about 200 page impressions and two clicks that has netted me the princely sum of 5p

    I guess it depends upon the number of hubs, their content and whether you write stuff that's considered commercial--i.e, that will lead hub readers to click on the adverts.

  4. profile image0
    houseazposted 7 years ago

    I would say it might not ever be loads unless you are writing something that gets picked up big time somewhere else or you make money externally form the hub because of the hub.  You have to be doing some seriously good hubbing, networking and working to make hubpages a considerable source of income.

    Is it possible? I think so.

  5. jstankevicz profile image83
    jstankeviczposted 7 years ago

    Making money on a HubPage assumes that (1) you have picked a topic that has an audience, (2) write some good content and (3) use some keywords that people might use in searches. Without these, there is little or no money.

    The time to start getting revenue will vary depending on how well you do these things and how quickly you build the right audience. It can happen quickly or take months. You HubPages have to get indexed in the search engines and be found by Internet surfers. The first visitors to a HubPage are typically other Hubbers, who might click ads, but are generally not your money audience. Gradually as you pick up visitors from Google, you revenue can kick in.

    The beautiful thing is that, if you write good HubPages with the three qualities mentioned, you will make money (if only cents), and it will likely build over time. The first Google check might take a year to earn, but over time the cycle shortens. Internet article writing is not a quick buck!

    It's a little like planting a garden... plant good seeds, tend the plants, and enjoy the harvest...