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What's Better?

  1. imadork profile image80
    imadorkposted 8 years ago

    Is it better to know a little bit about a everything (history, science, current events, politics, etc) or everything about one thing? (keep in mind that the latter doesn't mean you're completely ignorant about basic stuff)

  2. profile image0
    isis_dreams2002posted 8 years ago

    my self i think it is better to know a little about as many things as you can so you can make good comments in a conversation or relpying on a subject matter. I have found if you dont know much people tend to leave you out.

  3. kirstenblog profile image76
    kirstenblogposted 8 years ago

    I have noticed that often people who specialize in a certain field (scientists for example) will end up not making the connection between their field and something that could relate from another field keeping them from making those connections that would really advance both fields.

  4. wesleycox profile image79
    wesleycoxposted 8 years ago

    They say that if you know 3 things about a topic you can hold an intelligent conversation with people.  So knowing a little about a lot is better.

  5. VioletSun profile image78
    VioletSunposted 8 years ago

    I think knowing a little bit about everything can make one's mind well rounded. My mate has a brother who is an engineer and that's what he talks mostly about, even sends him blue prints of machinery parts and such in email attachments, which can be technical and boring . smile

  6. anujagarwal profile image64
    anujagarwalposted 8 years ago

    Knowing a little about everything is always better for personal life, but for a professional life, I'll prefer knowing everything about your core technical area, you must have thorough knowledge of your domain.

  7. Mac Mission profile image59
    Mac Missionposted 8 years ago

    Oh ya. your correct!!!