Comment Etiquette?

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  1. Keny Luger profile image67
    Keny Lugerposted 11 years ago

    I figure I'd post this.

    I have no problem with persons having an opinion that is different to mines and posting them on any hub I create. In fact I welcome it. I don't even enable comment moderation. The comments show up as soon as you enter them.

    I even approve comments that challenge my opinion because I believe the comment section can be used for discussion whether you share the same opinions or not.

    What I have a problem with is people promoting stuff in the comments section, giving reviews and 'blasting' my hub content. I shows a total lack of disrespect for the hubber on who's hub your commenting.

    I don't want to just delete them because I don't want anyone to think that I have something to hide because i don't. I respect everyone's views because I know that I cannot be right all the time and even if I'm right someone else may see it differently.

    I'm sure the hubber who made the 5 or 6 comments, blasting, promoting, reviewing and linking to other content will see this because they are very active in the forum but I want to know what you guys think.

    There are things you cant do in this forum and I would think that you shouldn't be allowed to do them in the comments section. Also I'd like to know your views on comment ettiquette.

    Thank you.

    Keny Luger.

  2. Stacie Naczelnik profile image72
    Stacie Naczelnikposted 11 years ago

    We simply cannot control what people post as comments, but each and every hubber gets to make the decision of moderating.

    While I wish other hubbers could use etiquette when commenting, posting, etc., this isn't always the case.

    Basically, it comes down to you, as the writer, to decide when a comment is in need of moderation.  I tend to only deny comments that have absolutely nothing to do with my hub (my 15 year old cousin likes to leave random comments on my hubs, but I deny them because I know he is being silly) or could be considered spam.

  3. Misha profile image69
    Mishaposted 11 years ago

    Just deny and delete them, absolutely. This is *your* hub, like your home, and you have every right to organize it as *you* see fit, and to clean it up...

    1. Bob Ewing profile image59
      Bob Ewingposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      That is how i see it, fair ciritcism is one thing but biased comments or attacks another.

  4. darkside profile image79
    darksideposted 11 years ago

    The forum is like a park on the corner of the block. It's open to everyone. Play on the swings, take the dog for a walk (be sure to pick up any doggie do if they happen to poop it out) or hang out and chat on a park bench.

    A hub is your home. People can come in but you set the rules. People should wipe their shoes before trudging in, and not put their feet up on the coffee table.

  5. Keny Luger profile image67
    Keny Lugerposted 11 years ago

    Yeah I'm getting a tad p*ssed because just as I thought the person responded after I took the messages down think that I had something to hide. I do not.

    Is this Jerrico Usher's site?

    Am I welcomed here? Or should I find another home?

    I saw this one ( pop up a few hours ago and I get the idea that he has done this before and has crossed other hubbers. I have a high level of tolerance and respects everyone's opinion.

    Last time I looked my name was on that hub. If Mr Usher wants to create a hub with a counter response with his recommendations I don't have a problem if he links to that from my comments but don't do in the comments of my hub and don't go attacking me on my hub!

    I've had it with this sh*t.

    Keny Luger mad

  6. Mark Knowles profile image61
    Mark Knowlesposted 11 years ago

    Hey keny,

    I wouldn't take anything Jerrico says personally. I like him, but.... He tends to overdo things.

    As far as I am concerned, you are welcome here.

    But it is a community, and we have few personality clashes sometimes. I have had my ass handed to me by a few people. ... Look through the forum posts.

    Welcome to hubpages. big_smile

  7. profile image0
    IĆ°unnposted 11 years ago

    Just deny what you want on your own Hubs and don't read people that annoy or don't interest you.  Works for me generally. smile


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