Why do good answers get voted down ?

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  1. freecampingaussie profile image61
    freecampingaussieposted 13 years ago

    Why do good answers get voted down ?

    Why are answers that have nothing wrong with them getting voted down ?
    If the subject is sex every answer seems to get voted down ?
    Is it someone who hates sex & can't handle the fact that a lot of us do ?
    If that is the case then wouldn't it be better not to read that subject ?
    Even good answers to other questions are voted down & it does'nt make sense.
    Would love to know why.

  2. profile image0
    BenjaminBposted 13 years ago

    There exist many people who think they are hurting you in some way by voting down an answer. In my opinion those types are the ones who vote answers down the majority of the time. Then there may be an occurrence where someones answer may be so ridiculous or off topic that it might deserve to be voted down.

    Personally even if I don't agree with someones answer I will not vote it down unless it falls into the nonsensical off topic category.

  3. W. K. Hayes profile image86
    W. K. Hayesposted 13 years ago

    Truthfully, don't let it bother you. Unfortuantely, alot of people are mean just for the sake of being mean. Stick to writing and enjoying sex...I do. lol

  4. Cagsil profile image70
    Cagsilposted 13 years ago

    Not all answers actually add value to the subject matter or topic. Good answers are relative to understanding all knowable knowledge and having the wisdom(ability) to discern the truth. If someone voted an answer to a question down, then it apparently goes against what they believe and didn't like the answer, regardless of what you thought of the answer. Other people can vote how they choose to vote, because Hubpages community isn't going to prevent it from happening, because it is considered interaction within the community. It's understandable that you wonder why? But, the truth is not always easily accepted by those who are or hold delusional beliefs. That being said, it is likely that any religious person who deems my answer to this question is most likely going to see my answer as an insult, because to those who are not believers in a god, are constantly reminding those who do believe in a god that the ideology is a delusion sold to themselves by themselves. But, that's nothing new.

  5. profile image0
    Edliraposted 13 years ago

    I don't think most people who vote down an answer do that to be mean. We are all different, so what to you looks like a decent, good answer may not be as such to somebody else. Even if you should get only down votes in an answer, that doesn't mean that is not a good answer or the ones who votes were mean. As I see it it means they disagree with what you are saying, and that is just fine. Everybody is entitled to have an opinion.

  6. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image81
    Wesman Todd Shawposted 13 years ago

    Uh huh.  I know EXACTLY what you mean.  I saw a question the other day about something, and I wish I remember what it was, so I could provide you with the link; but I mean, literally, several of the brightest and most successful people of Hubpages(and then me, who is neither) all answered some guy's question, and all of the best and brightest, and most successful's answers were voted down by somebody; and I presume it was the numskull who asked the question.

    I saw that and as my answer said, "dude, you've got the brightest people on this site, and their answers are voted down; so in my opinion, whoever it is that is voting them down has got to be an idiot, and I'm positive that they don't know nearly as much as the people who'd answered."

    I think I remember now, the question was something like "does anybody really make a thousand a month here at hubpages."

    my quoted question might not be exact, but it was something like that.

  7. wingedcentaur profile image62
    wingedcentaurposted 13 years ago

    We cannot live in the world without drawing criticism about something we say and do from someone. Take the Bible, for example. One could say that during the course of its writing, rewriting, editing, cutting out and adding-in, thousands of people presumed to edit, "correct," and tailor the "Word of God."

    And further, we can say that by doing this they "voted down" some of "HIs" words that they (the political and religious powers-that-were) didn't like, for whatever reason. So, if can happen to The Great Sky Father, then it can happen to us piddling human beings.

    But seriously though, reasonable people can disagree, strongly. We all know that. What is good to me may not be good to you -- no matter how good I think it is. Voting down something I write shouldn't lead me to conclude (in a state of arrogance) that there "is something wrong with you," because you rejected something I like or produced. As some people said, use of the option to vote down is part of HP interaction, isn't it?

    I never use the 'vote down' feature myself, personally. If I don't like something I just don't leave a comment. Personally, I guess I just follow the "If you can't say something nice..." rule. But other people have other ideas, don't they?

    Take it easy.

  8. HRoger profile image61
    HRogerposted 13 years ago

    Well I have to agree with most here, sometimes there might be users that simply vote down because they don't agree with a term that is used in  an answer, or simply because they don't agree with the answer at all.  Answers to questions  do tend to catch the eyes of many readers seeking for the answer to the same question, and once see the answer displayed, they might not agree with the content of it, just simply because they agree differently.

    In the end it's just my opinion

    Keep up the good work,  you got great talent!

  9. trafford profile image39
    traffordposted 13 years ago

    every one has their own mentality, views, perception and thinking, so they vote by reading their own mind....so don't be upset if it was good in  your eye....no matter what peoples are thinking & voting smile

  10. profile image0
    wilbury4posted 13 years ago

    I personally think it is because the voter simply disagrees with an answer, even though the answer could be a perfectly logical reply to a certain question. We all have differences of opinion, but if my opinion differs from someone elses I would never knock their opinion. Personally I don't vote answers down, but if I fully agree with an answer, or a certain answer really stands out I will vote it up.

  11. Jaggedfrost profile image61
    Jaggedfrostposted 13 years ago

    they desire knowledge  but do not understand the fruit they court  One knows the danger  saying too much   Knowing appreciation wares thin  valued so long as it agrees  with them upon whom knowledge is bestowed  sometimes daining to answer... read more

  12. Malcolm_Cox profile image61
    Malcolm_Coxposted 13 years ago

    Everyone has an opinion and opinions are......subjective!  One man's gold is another man's coal!

  13. profile image0
    surlyoldcatposted 13 years ago

    It's called trolling. A lot of people are in it just to be hateful, spiteful and mean. THOSE people are the one overcompensating for either A) A really small winkie or B) a gaping huge vagina.

    Pay them no heed, they're not worht your time or effort.

  14. ahmar2 profile image60
    ahmar2posted 13 years ago

    Not  every good answer gets voted down. It depends upon answers and who is voting. Most of times you will get reward for good answers.

  15. Larry Fields profile image68
    Larry Fieldsposted 12 years ago

    I agree with Cagsil's answer. I've learned from experience that it's a waste of time to answer any science-related question, posed by a person who expresses their religiosity in the question itself. Why? Because they're not interested in reality, or in learning anything. They're simply looking for a pretext to peddle their prophet of choice.


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