Stock market

  1. vickyconscious profile image52
    vickyconsciousposted 8 years ago

    Stock markets are very fluctuating in nature and their impact on investors are very high as well.. So before investment one should be completely familiar with all schemes and nature of market.
    I urge you all to reply with useful tips and tricks from a successful investment career.
    thank you.

    1. rosariomontenegro profile image70
      rosariomontenegroposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I don't know anything about stocks but I understand that it's wise to follow this very simple rule:
      Only invest in the stock market money that you won't need for several years, and only invest in a diversified portfolio. Then wait. No matter its rollercoaster behavior, the historic curve of the stock market is always ascendant. So you wait and see, and when you think you've gained enough you sell.

      Now if you want to make your career to invest for others you should spend some years working with people who know, and keep your eyes open in order to learn.

      Good luck!