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How often should we do HubHopping?

  1. tritrain profile image86
    tritrainposted 7 years ago

    How often should we do HubHopping?

  2. LillyGrillzit profile image79
    LillyGrillzitposted 7 years ago

    HubHopping is a benefit, not only to the Hopper, but the hoppee. I have found some of the best writers, and great friends by HubHopping. This is also a chance for the Hub to work as the finely tuned wheel it is. As members we assist administrators in ridding HubPages of spam and other junk which drives down the value of HubPages.

    Do it everyday you can. Even if you only Hop a few Hubs, it helps.

  3. craftybegonia profile image74
    craftybegoniaposted 7 years ago

    I don't know about other people, but I try to do hubhopping every time I come to Hup Pages. What good is it to write Hubs if people never visit them?

  4. ggenda profile image58
    ggendaposted 7 years ago

    I'm inspired now! I've only hopped a couple of times (I'm new to HubPages) and am still learning the ropes. Does it improve your hub score? It seems like a really good thing now that we are on the topic.

  5. Wendy S. Wilmoth profile image78
    Wendy S. Wilmothposted 7 years ago

    I HubHop whenever I fee llike it- usually at least five or six articles a day. Do it as often as possible. It's the best way to keep the quality of HubPages high.

  6. Amelia Blick profile image57
    Amelia Blickposted 7 years ago

    Once a day or if failing that, when I have a spare moment. As a newbie, I find this helpful in familiarising myself with topics on HP.

  7. David Warren profile image80
    David Warrenposted 7 years ago

    I am new here but spend as much time hub hopping as doing anything else while on the site.