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How much do you earn from hubpages every month?

  1. jujanester profile image76
    jujanesterposted 6 years ago

    How much do you earn from hubpages every month?

  2. Tyler Bracken profile image81
    Tyler Brackenposted 6 years ago

    It varies based upon what you do, other then building hubs. Last month, in total I made about $25 but I was not realy REALLY going for it!

  3. profile image0
    Giselle Maineposted 6 years ago

    Very little... almost nothing! Way less than what Tyler Bracken mentioned he is making. 

    Having said that, I hub mostly for fun than to earn money. I don't take the time to promote my hubs through SheToldMe etc etc because that feels like work to me not fun.  So, I think someone could earn much better than what I am making from hubbing if they write hubs more frequently and look at ways to improve traffic etc.  I just like the fun factor of having control over the layout of my hubpages.

  4. Trigger9449 profile image60
    Trigger9449posted 6 years ago

    HA! 11 cents. I have only been writing for a little over 3 weeks though. And I have made a dollar off google adsense though.

  5. dorothy0328 profile image75
    dorothy0328posted 6 years ago

    I have recieved checks from google. Roughly $300.00 since last year. I should be recieving another one. What you make is based upon how much you write, the quailty of the hub, creativity and good use of keywords is also important. There are people making a living though hubpages through use of affliates but they have to dedicate so much time to promoting, and hubbing. I'd say if you dedicate 3-5 good hubs a day for 360 days and you might start recieving a small income. that would be 1800 hubs in that time and 9000 over a course of 5 yrs at a rate of 5 hubs per day. One hub I read about people making money through hubs is that they have about 10,000 good rated hubs and to be honest I haven't actually searched to see if anyone has that many. But apparently having that many hubs you could be making $4-600 every week or two. That is how I understood it. I write when I have time Im always happy to get a check in the mail. It would some serious dedication to make a steady income i think not to mention promoting your hubs through social sites such as Fabebook.

  6. KyleBear profile image57
    KyleBearposted 6 years ago

    Pretty new here, so haven't made a single cent. I guess I write for the fun of it, not for earning money here.

  7. Brandonfoster13 profile image58
    Brandonfoster13posted 6 years ago

    Considering I joined less than a day ago, I have made a absoulutely no money.

  8. R S Beer profile image61
    R S Beerposted 6 years ago

    I haven't made any money yet, but I've only just started writing.

    Plus I don't really write about popular topics, just things that are of interest to me.

  9. CyclingFitness profile image95
    CyclingFitnessposted 6 years ago

    I've been on here two months and am now starting to make a little money. I'm already over ten dollars in earnings for June which by the sounds of things is fairly good for a second month although i'm sure I can do more.

  10. Jennie Demario profile image39
    Jennie Demarioposted 6 years ago

    some people really have this down to a science i don't quite get it yet.. from what I understand there are many variables such as the location of your readers or the type of web content.. for example, some keywords are much more competitive than others so the advertisers pay higher ppc fees resulting in a higher cut for the publisher

  11. R. Anderson profile image86
    R. Andersonposted 6 years ago

    I have made ok money off adsense in the hundreds of dollars close to a thousand maybe, but as far as hubpages I haven't earned anything yet. I just joined less than a week ago though so I am working at it. You can make money using places like hubpages but like someone else said you need to work at it. You have to promote your content in places it will get re promoted by other people so it sort of explodes like a popular youtube video. If you don't get crazy amounts of page views on your hub it will never make you any amount to brag about. It sort of sucks but there is a lot of promotional work involved if you want it to make any money worth mentioning. Good luck! I plan on making some more hubs about how to generate better results through hubpages and others like it using adsense or other PPC programs.

    I also wanted to mention I am on youtube using adsense in videos and get better results there at the moment.

  12. daskittlez69 profile image75
    daskittlez69posted 6 years ago

    I have the cash pouring in.  So far I have made 11 cents.  If anyone out there has pity you can feel free to increase that # lol

  13. writeido profile image72
    writeidoposted 6 years ago

    Not so much and frankly I have not checked yet. I think if you keep checking then you get stuck in the habit of it and forget that you actually need to write and put up some numbers before you will see some earnings.
    I will not check until I get to 50 hubs at least. Then I'll have a proper guage to test the earnings on.
    Happy Hubbing Jujanester smile

  14. R.S. Hutchinson profile image83
    R.S. Hutchinsonposted 6 years ago

    I make an average of $3700 a month. But I'm spectacular!

    I kid. I make like $2.00 a month so far.

  15. syednaeemul profile image69
    syednaeemulposted 6 years ago

    Very little here too, though I'd think the earning is not really my aim here

  16. profile image0
    erikjohnsonposted 6 years ago

    Wow!  Did not know you can make money here.  Time to research it!

  17. liljen23 profile image73
    liljen23posted 6 years ago

    I make about $100 a month, so far.. I know I can be making more, so I am working on that. There are people earning around $1,000 or even $5,000 per month. It just depends on the article or articles you write about.

  18. YadiraE profile image90
    YadiraEposted 6 years ago

    I have been here a month, and so far I've made $0.50. At least its something.

  19. medihelp profile image60
    medihelpposted 6 years ago

    I wish to earn at least 400 dollar from hub-pages every month at the starting. It may increase in next but should not decrease.....

  20. iviskei profile image74
    iviskeiposted 6 years ago

    I've made it to o.o9 cents so far. Lol! But I figure if I keep at it, something is bound to happen. Even though I really need the money, I make a point to only write what interests me. I figured that others are bound to have similar interests somewhere in the world.

  21. eclecticme profile image83
    eclecticmeposted 6 years ago

    I joined one week ago and I have made one cent. I have never in my life been so excited about one penny.

  22. Rosie2010 profile image75
    Rosie2010posted 5 years ago

    In answer to the question "How much do you earn from Hubpages every month?" I have outlined my earnings from the first month here on Hubpages, when I earned zero, to date, when I'm earning more than three hundred dollars a month. read more