2nd post on subject, no reply error message on pages, can't edit

  1. djtphn1 profile image86
    djtphn1posted 10 years ago

    I left a message hours ago w/ no response. I am getting error messages on some of my hubs, thus not allowing me to edit, or reply to comments.  This is happening on a new one I am working on that is not published and also on other ones that I am trying to edit....what is wrong, can someone plz answer.....

  2. pauldeeds profile image
    pauldeedsposted 10 years ago

    The problem seems to be something peculiar to your computer, your browser configuration, or your network.  I attempted to edit a copy of one of your new hubs and had no trouble with it.  I'm really at a loss to explain the problems you are seeing.

    If there is some text in the error messages you are seeing, or you can provide any more details it may help to diagnose things.

    The generic steps I always suggest when problems are encountered with the site are: 1) close all your browser windows, 2) reopen your browser, 3) go to http://hubpages.com/, 4) hold down shift and press the refresh button (or F5 on your keyboard), 5) try what you were doing again.

  3. djtphn1 profile image86
    djtphn1posted 10 years ago

    K, thanks, I will try it....