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Will Adsense Flag You For This?

  1. visitmaniac profile image59
    visitmaniacposted 8 years ago

    I will admit it I am a total newbie at adsense most of my time has always been spent in affiliate marketing. So when it comes to things like this I figured I would write you who have worked with it for a while.

    Fake traffic to a web site is now allowed however if you ad your hub page to a bookmarking site like digg, delicious etc would adsense have issues with that?

    Or in the 2nd case If I email my list and tell them to visit my hub page to check out my review of a new product is that considered fake traffic that will cause my adsense account to be flagged?


  2. frogdropping profile image85
    frogdroppingposted 8 years ago

    I believe the bigger problem is the fact the some sites, such as digg, don't like it.

    You're not supposed to submit your own with some sites and in the past, self-submissions have created a bit of a bad smell for HP, simply because too many people spammed their own hubs.

    And I think I'm right that some still try it on - which is bad for us and bad for HP.

    I remember reading something a couple of weeks ago about something similar - and I think we (hubbers) are now banned off a few sites altogether.

    I'll try find the thread, though can't promise because there's so many similar ones smile

    Oh and check out Uninvited Writers profile, she has a link to an allowed site that many hubbers use, it would appear that they work differently to the likes of digg and a lot of hubbers like it.

    1. Marisa Wright profile image98
      Marisa Wrightposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Frogdropping is right!  Adsense is worried about clicks, not general traffic.  Traffic from social sites like Stumbleupon doesn't often click on ads, so it's not likely to cause problems. 

      However, many of these sites have rules that prohibit self-promotion. They're supposed to be places where people share their favourite sites, not places where you can push your own content.  In practice, a lot of people do self-promote, but if you get caught, you can get banned.  Whole sites like Helium, HP, Infobarrel etc are periodically banned when one or more members goes on a self-promotion spree.

      The trick is to participate in the real purpose of the site - sharing your favourites - and slip in a few of your own amongst the crowd.

  3. sunforged profile image75
    sunforgedposted 8 years ago

    Neither Digg nor email lists (legitimate) would raise any flags towards your adsense account.

    Really, why would you even think that.

    Screw Digg, self-submit all day if you please, there is no consequences, should digg ban an account, you just start another one...if you care, you can be safer by being usre to also submit other peoples sites and pages, so you keep your ratio of hub submits low.

    Unless, your username is the same, their is no way to tell, that one is self submitting.

    That all being said..Dont Bother! ..Unlike affiliate marketing their is a bad side to having too much non-performing traffic, you will get quality priced, if you have tons of impressions and a poor ctr, you will be served lower paying ads.

    Social traffic does not click, it is well documented

    so adsense is safe, but dont waste your time on digg/su etc.

    and that shetoldme site seems like a waste also, better uses of time can be found, I wouldnt be surprised if the majority of users are hub users, since its been so heavily promoted here.

    As a regular user, I doubt anybody would stick around long, its quite an ugly site and its has mostly poor material on it from squidoo, hubpages etc.

    1. Appletreedeals profile image73
      Appletreedealsposted 8 years ago

      Is the gist of this that this kind of link promotion has a negitive impact ... even if it's an adjunct to better quality link efforts?

      I understand that that type of link promotion is not the "be-all" that it is claimed to be, but it looks like you're saying it could not only not help, but also hurt.

      1. sunforged profile image75
        sunforgedposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        Social bookmarking has its uses, but for adsense based income its not a worthwhile time expense and does have possible side effects.

        Side effect #1.

        Banning of personal account (digg/stumble/etc)

        No big loss if your only use of these sites is to promote anyway, just make another account

        Side effect #2

        Sitewide ban of website (no longer allows submission of hubs at site)

        eh..this is caused by the real black hatters and spammers who automate and really crush those sites, your little manual submissions are irrelevant

        Side effect 3

        Submission makes front page and gets tons of traffic and reads

        but that brings us to side effect 4

        Tons of traffic, but little to no clicks (because the traffic is untargetted and not qualified)

        Now your clickthrough rate is pitiful and you get a poor quality rating.

        This side effect is very bad

        1. Sophia Heresford profile image68
          Sophia Heresfordposted 8 years agoin reply to this

          Yes #4 is baaaad. Stay away from it.


    2. WaffleCheese profile image49
      WaffleCheeseposted 8 years ago

      A good rule of thumb is Never, EVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER try to outsmart google.

      Don't even think about it.