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Is Hubpages the new Rubik's Cube?

  1. davenmidtown profile image88
    davenmidtownposted 6 years ago

    Is Hubpages the new Rubik's Cube?

    Tick, tick, tick... don't you wonder what makes the gears here move?  It frustrates me that I have not figured this out yet... but I must say I love the struggle.... Do you think hubpages is the new Rubik's Cube?

  2. maddot profile image80
    maddotposted 6 years ago

    Yes it's an interesting journey finding your way through online writing. I enjoy the never ending array of new things I learn like backlinking and watching the traffic flow in.. or not!
    I think it's just a matter of perseverance.

  3. Pikachusif profile image70
    Pikachusifposted 6 years ago

    No, Hubpages is not the new Rubik's Cube. No website or new addition in a line of digital devices that are named after fruits can replace the physical joy of actually stimulating your brain with fun colors and rotating cubes.

                                                              -Forever Colorful, Pikachusif

  4. Caleb DRC profile image81
    Caleb DRCposted 6 years ago

    I went to your profile. It looks to me you have it figured out. You have nearly all the colors matching.

  5. ktrapp profile image97
    ktrappposted 6 years ago

    I think it is a bit of a Rubik's Cube and I am spending way too much time mentally trying to piece it all together and then telling people what I've learned, instead of actually getting in there enough and trying it out. It's now time to produce at a higher pace (after the new year, of course).

  6. Maralexa profile image85
    Maralexaposted 6 years ago

    I too am finding it a "Rubik's Cube" of sorts.  But maybe slightly easier to figure out.  Because of many great hubbers (just like you) we are given tips, tricks, methods, and creative ways to improve hubs, getting traffic to hubs, and improving income.

    Because of the wealth of practical information from HubPages and many hubbers it can become overwhelming.  I actually stopped writing in order to learn many new techniques.  Then I found it difficult to get back into the writing habit.  I wanted to do things well (I hate to admit, perfectly) and couldn't coordinate all that I'd learned with actually starting to write again.

    As Ktrapp says, "it 's now time to produce at a higher rate." 

    Yes, I think HubPages is the new Rubik's Cube.  But it has one enormous advantage: many of the people who write on HubPaages help and encourage those of us who haven't "figured it out" to get on with the job of writing well and, yes, figuring it out as we go along.

  7. starstream profile image78
    starstreamposted 6 years ago

    Yes indeed!  As I wander and wonder all around this site wanting to learn so much more it sure is magnetic.

  8. movingon down profile image58
    movingon downposted 6 years ago

    I too am a writer. I discovered I must search all avenues for valid and meaningful
    Rubik's Cube is not necessarily the answer. One has to find which parts of the cube apply to a given situation.

  9. againsttheodds profile image80
    againsttheoddsposted 6 years ago

    If it was easy anybody could do it and with no effort.  Rubik's cube it may be.