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Why does my Hubber Score go down temporarily when I have been active on the site

  1. eric2112 profile image83
    eric2112posted 6 years ago

    Why does my Hubber Score go down temporarily when I have been active on the site for a day?

    This happens when I have been active in leaving comments and answering question and even writing new Hubs. It's not that bothersome, but it is confusing. I rather thought that the more active you were in the community, the higher your score would get.

  2. nicregi profile image78
    nicregiposted 6 years ago

    Good questions. I noticed that my score jumps from 86 to 93 depending on days. Regardless how active I am. I wonder how that is calculated. Thanks for asking on this!

  3. Teresa Coppens profile image94
    Teresa Coppensposted 6 years ago

    It seems to me that when I write a new hub, my score is lower for a time.  Initially when a hub is published it begins at a lower score reducing my average hub score.  As the hub's score increases, my average score tends to increase and then so does my overall rating.  But there are mysteries to the hub pages rating system we will never understand.  I try to stay active consistently which tends to keep my rating more consistent but sometimes life gets in the way as is happening of late.  Patience is the key I think.  I too write a lot of fiction and yet I am quite pleased with my score.  Patience and consistent good solid writing will pay off eventually!

  4. athena2011 profile image57
    athena2011posted 6 years ago

    That's a great question. I read it hoping to get the answer which doesn't really seem to have appeared. Hopefully someone from Hubpages themselves will come along and give us the answer.

    Is the highest score possible 100?

    1. tsmog profile image82
      tsmogposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Regarding the question of a hubber score the answer is yes, athena2011, 100 is possible. I do not have the answer regarding a hub score. I believe hub score is weighted toward views. I have a feeling very soon we'll see that 53 is in the seventies.

  5. Glenn Stok profile image100
    Glenn Stokposted 6 years ago

    There are many components to the algorithm that affects our Hubber Score. None of us will ever know the exact algorithm and, for that matter, a lot of it seems a mystery. 

    But you can do a lot of things to keep your score high, such as writing good quality Hubs, maintaining older Hubs to keep them updated, being active in the HP community, and reading Hubs of those who you are following.

    Most people miss that last point. I see a lot of Hubbers who are following hundreds of others, obviously hoping that they follow back. But if you follow and never read what they all write, your score will reflect that.