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Links Capsules Opening in New Windows

  1. belief713 profile image79
    belief713posted 9 years ago

    It would be nice for the links in the links capsule to open in a new window. Especially since a lot of us are providing several links to other relevant content sites...so readers can stay with us or come back without needing to use the back button.

  2. pauldeeds profile image
    pauldeedsposted 9 years ago

    Although we allow it in the text capsule, in general we feel that forcing links to be opened in a new window is a bad idea. See this earlier discussion, as to why.


    1. belief713 profile image79
      belief713posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks, I will check it out.

      I didn't know that....I wounder if most others do...?

      1. darkside profile image81
        darksideposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        I use it all the time.

        Even before I installed Firefox for the convenience of tabs.

  3. relache profile image90
    relacheposted 9 years ago

    Many web browsers also allow a user to custom configure the response to links or pick how they would like a new link to be opened via options that open with "right clicking," i.e. open in a new tab, etc.

  4. Peter M. Lopez profile image89
    Peter M. Lopezposted 9 years ago

    Seamonkey (formerly Mozilla) allows this.  It also gives you the option when you create links in hubs to have the links open in new windows.  It is very similar to Firefox.