Question about hubs..

  1. Jdjohnson1913 profile image60
    Jdjohnson1913posted 5 years ago

    Question about hubs..

    i wanted to thank you for answering my newbie question...and ask you another..  I am wondering about the freedom of what I can write about, as in, I read an impossible amount of books.  like, a day.  could I write reviews about them?  I made an amazon account thing, and was also wondering if I would be able to link the book to the hub through them? or would any of this be in violation of something?  thank you for your help, and I also wrote my first hub as well!!!  hopefully you will check it out!

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    breathe2travelposted 5 years ago

    I believe as long as your writing is original content, anything is welcome.  There are restrictions.  If you haven't visited this page of HubPages, please do.  There are informative Hubs on what is overpromotional, prohibited, etc.

    Warmest regards~

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    ThePracticalMommyposted 5 years ago

    I agree with what breathe2travel said. You can write reviews about books you read, but you have to be careful with linking. Too much linking can hurt the hub and your account. Definitely check out the Learning Center about all of this. Here's a good hub to read there: … romotional

    Within that hub, it explains that for every Amazon capsule (i.e. a book you are writing about being sold on Amazon), there needs to be at least 50 words in text to support that capsule.

    Good luck!