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I am new to Hub Pages, so what do I do so that people visit my hub too?

  1. Abantika profile image34
    Abantikaposted 5 years ago

    I am new to Hub Pages, so what do I do so that people visit my hub too?

    I am new here, so need your help

  2. profile image94
    Robbie C Wilsonposted 5 years ago

    Hi and welcome to Hub Pages. I am relatively new (I have been here two months now). The best way to get people to visit your hub is to publish it as it will appear on the home page for a day or so. People will visit you and if they really like it, they may follow you. If you continue to publish, people will continue to visit your new and old pages. Plus you will appear in searches both on HubPages and ultimately Google when people are looking for the content you publish. Hope this helps and welcome again!

  3. Patkay profile image89
    Patkayposted 5 years ago

    Abantika, let me first of all welcome you to hubpages. There is a lot that you will need to do so as to get traffic, for example check these:

    1. The first thing is for you to through the learning centre. It is here you are going to get tricks (tips) on what to do.

    2. Then secondly, read other peoples hubs and see how they write.

    3. Write original good quality hubs (error free).

    4. Integrate with the hubpages community (like asking and answering questions, visiting the forum).

    5. Be patient. Yes it takes a lot of time to build traffic. But if you are patient, ready to implement the tricks that you learn, then very soon you will start receiving the much needed traffic. And traffic = MONEY.

    Wishing you the best.

    1. Teresa Schultz profile image80
      Teresa Schultzposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Great reply, Pat.

    2. Patkay profile image89
      Patkayposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks Teresa Schultz, just trying to help.

  4. WryLilt profile image92
    WryLiltposted 5 years ago

    Write what people are Googling. The older your content is, the more Google traffic you get.

  5. hawaiianodysseus profile image81
    hawaiianodysseusposted 5 years ago

    You find a way, through your writing, to share of yourself with others. Every writer has a unique voice, so through the magic of your well-chosen words, speak to the world about who you are and what you're interested in. Along the way, voraciously read other Hubbers' writings; by so doing, you learn about who they are and what they're interested in. Open your horizons and opportunities by sincerely "listening" to their unique voices.

    Personally, I find an image that works for me. As a kid growing up in Hawai'i in the fifties and sixties, a great way to get to know people was through music. At luaus, on the beach, or on one's front porch, it was a wonderful community-building activity to pull out one's ukulele, guitar, washboard, or homemade bass (a length of strong cord attached to the bottom of an upturned washtub with a stick to leverage the different deep notes) and connect with others via Polynesian music.

    Likewise, find an image of connecting with others that works for you, and go full throttle in developing new relationships with fellow Hubbers. Besides your own writing, comment liberally about other writer's articles and poetry; continue to ask questions; provide answers for others; and utilize the various channels of social media. In short, you've just arrived at a great party. Now make a full time effort of meeting other people. Be a social butterfly with the genuine intent of connecting with others...anything short of that, and you're just a pesky gnat. The people who participate in HubPages are emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually gifted, and they'll sniff out a phony in a heartbeat.

    If you remember nothing else...and I wouldn't blame you because I can be so long-winded in my comments and responses...remember this:  Give generously of yourself to the world, and you will reap an abundant harvest in return--maybe not so much in terms of monetary gain but certainly in the riches of social and literary connection.

    Best wishes for a very happy journey here on HubPages!

  6. vims003 profile image45
    vims003posted 5 years ago

    you just be active in your account by visiting others,read other what they wrote.put interesting questions.most important put nice hubs.follow good writer.you can see good tricks in learning center also.....welcome to hub pages and happy hubbing...i do follow you.

  7. chepkoluumugulel profile image78
    chepkoluumugulelposted 5 years ago

    Welcome to hubpages. I think the first step like some have mentioned, is to visit the learning center. This is a wonderful resource that will guide you on anything that you need to know about hubbing and increasing traffic. You can also visit question and answer section. There are several questions that have been asked on how to increase traffic and you can read wonderful responses from those who have been successful in directing the traffic to their hubs. Just to mention a few, invite your friends using email address, facebook and twitter. You can also link you blogs/website to your hubs if you have any.  I recently learned that sharing also and may be linking your articles can also get you some traffic. I am still learning about this myself. Let me warn you though, don't be discouraged if you don't get the traffic you anticipated. Just be patient and with time things will work out fine. Best wishes and enjoy the ride.

  8. Fareed Ehmadi profile image61
    Fareed Ehmadiposted 7 months ago

    Hello and welcome !
    Before giving your answer lemme tell you that I'm also new here. I also had joined this 1 day ago but what i had learn in this 1 day is enough with the one who will learn it in 15 or 30 days or more . Here if you want traffic in your articles so you have to bring something new and some interesting things and share your ideas and thoughts .You have to share something like people mostly search for and people likes to get informes about. And yeah most importantly you have to be patient you can not get attention of public in the very beginning you have to wait and once you waited and you spent time here and gets attached to this page than you will see how u will shine and rise and you will get your rewards . Thanks and have a nice time !