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How do I keep my hub score up without posting new hubs?

  1. dobo700 profile image61
    dobo700posted 5 years ago

    How do I keep my hub score up without posting new hubs?

  2. thranax profile image54
    thranaxposted 5 years ago

    You already have! Using other features of Hubpages all go into your Hubscore. Things like the QA section, commenting/rating on hubs, and using the forums normally helps out with Hubscore.


  3. cactusbythesea profile image86
    cactusbytheseaposted 5 years ago

    You can help your score by staying active on the social parts of the site.   Spend some time voting and commenting on Hubs in the Hub Hopper.  Try to keep answering and posting questions in the Q&A and forums, too.

  4. SidKemp profile image93
    SidKempposted 5 years ago

    I've tested this out. My best sense, in order of priority:
    1. Hop hubs and leave positive comments wherever you can. Also flag when appropriate. (See my hub Six Reasons to Hop Hubs for details.
    2. Read hubs on topics that interest you, post positive and encouraging comments and votes, and share great hubs with your followers.
    3. Answer questions, and ask them, too.