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How do you find energy to write after a long day at work?

  1. Modern Lady profile image72
    Modern Ladyposted 5 years ago

    How do you find energy to write after a long day at work?

  2. lannm profile image60
    lannmposted 5 years ago

    Modern Lady for me it is the outlet after a long day. I come home from work, jump into some running shoes (even though my body is saying "No Way" and I run. Then when I get back I am refreshed and ready to write. Then sometimes I just have to make myself.

  3. Rosana Modugno profile image84
    Rosana Modugnoposted 5 years ago

    I don't.  I love to write in that moment when I am exhausted.  I find my imagination is at its best at the moment when I am the most tired, right before I go to sleep.

  4. Tonipet profile image83
    Tonipetposted 5 years ago

    I usually find myself full of energy to write at night and even if I'm tired there's something that's pulling me to sit down and express myself. I can read and write something that inspires me just before I go to bed.

  5. Faceless39 profile image93
    Faceless39posted 5 years ago

    My brother told me to write at least one sentence a day.

    What's interesting is that this one sentence will often lead to thinking about that one sentence, which in turn usually leads to finishing that paragraph.

    Sometimes I really will just write one sentence in a day, but more than likely, that one sentence will turn into a little bit more.

    There's no pressure; do what you feel at the time.  That's when writing is best!

  6. profile image0
    CJ Sledgehammerposted 5 years ago

    To be honest, after working a long day, I usually don't have anything left in the tank. This is to say that I am usually "spent" and have little more to give. :0(

  7. newcalendar profile image70
    newcalendarposted 5 years ago

    I struggle with it, but it's a much easier time to answer questions or emails for me. Early morning seems to work best before everyone else is around. Once the world wakes up it seems so much harder to write in peace!

  8. myownlife profile image40
    myownlifeposted 5 years ago

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