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I am an author, artist, instructor and entrepreneur born in Uruguay, raised in Brooklyn.

In 2007, I began writing professionally by working as a freelance writer. Before that, I was surrounded by a creative family and art played a huge role in my expression. It almost seemed like I was fighting with both as to which I enjoyed more until I discovered I could do both and teaching them to others was the perfect balance.

I am here to share not only my life experiences but research many topics that interest me, which may help you.

My current interest is upcycling; transforming every day products into other useful things which saves you money and saves them from the trash, which in turn helps our planet. Revamping is the perfect way to bring out the creative in you.

Aside from my articles, I published 2 books:

"The Crucified Spirit: A Collection of Tormented Poetry" and "The Crow Flies at Midnight; A Husband's Betrayal" (novel).

I am currently working on my 3rd book, a DIY guide to revamping.

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