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Have you notice a drop in morale amongst hubbers?

  1. Geekdom profile image94
    Geekdomposted 4 years ago

    Have you notice a drop in morale amongst hubbers?

    I enjoy HubPages and one of my favorite things about the site is the community. It is filled with wonderful people who love to write.  Although comments on Hubs are still positive and supportive, it feels like a lot more Questions/Forums are going negative. Frustration over loss of tags, RSS Feed, inconsistent ad disabling, over use of noindex seem to be growing.  Am I alone in feeling this loss of morale or are questions/forums the place where people vent?

  2. peachpurple profile image82
    peachpurpleposted 4 years ago

    People want answers so whatever their grievances are dump into the "answer" site. Some may answer the question or simply ignore the topic. I would answer those that i know under Hub Tutorial. I basically focus of latest questions.

  3. Mr Deltoid 1966 profile image61
    Mr Deltoid 1966posted 4 years ago

    I for one just try to be somewhat informative and mildly amusing.
    All while not poking myself in the eye with a stick.
    Everything else will just kinda sort itself out.

  4. profile image0
    Jayfortposted 4 years ago

    Sorry, Geek. Life is getting me down. Plus have been super busy between my regular job (the paycheck) and working on my first novel (maybe some $$$). Will try to be more positive!

    1. Geekdom profile image94
      Geekdomposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      This was not directed toward any particular Hubber. It was just a trend I was seeing in Questions and Forums and I was just curious if I was me seeing it or if anybody else did.
      I can't wait to hear about your Novel

  5. wqaindia profile image79
    wqaindiaposted 4 years ago

    Think of yourself when you joined the HP. Could you gain confidence immediately. Even before joining HP you might be publishing somewhere else or you might be having good technical expertise. Some are Good writers but can not use the tech platform to express. Some are technically strong and may not be good writers.
    @Geekdom, won't you like your own family to grow with Kids and Grand pa co-existing. I am answering at HP as a moral booster.

  6. Becky Katz profile image84
    Becky Katzposted 4 years ago

    I have not only noticed it but feel it also. I do not like a lot of the changes they are making. Not because I don't like change but because several of them are causing loss of income and views. The no-index thing is the worst. I do not see the sense of doing this if changing one letter will re-index it. It is frustrating a lot of people and I know of several that only come here because of the community atmosphere. Many have quit writing here for most purposes. Just the fluff is getting put here. I like the creative writing and that is really suffering from the no-index idiocy.