How can I make money with my hubs? Specifically the candle ones??

  1. kre8iv4u profile image59
    kre8iv4uposted 8 years ago

    I'm learning about writing articles and still trying to figure out the linking stuff but it's a bit confusing to me.  I know there's potential but I'm just not really all that sure of what I'm doing.  I have a new candle business.  I have written 1 'how to' article and want to write more, I just can't seem to figure out how to go about making the $$$ from it all.  I think I understand about putting items that people can click on to purchase, ie a book on candle making, which, in turn results in me making money if someone buys that specific book. 

    Linking????  If I have a few articles written here and another couple written somewhere else and then there's my site -- I'm not sure how to go about linking all of these things together to make it work. 

    Can anyone please steer me in the right direction so I can begin to make some money??

    Also, I hope I'm not violating any rules by asking these questions.

    Thanks so much for the support everyone.  It's a real nice group that I've encountered, thus far.


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    sunforgedposted 8 years ago

    This will be so basic that it may not be helpful.

    You have an article that has revenue opportunities

    To get the most exposure your article must appear as high as possible in search engine results

    Search engines consider a link from one site to another as a kind of "vote" , generally the more votes(backlinks) the more likely the site will appear high in results

    One hopes that their article is of the type of quality that people may naturally link to....but the article has to be seen first for this option

    So you should create a backlink campaign of your own to get the ball rolling

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