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;Do we get appropriate royalty?

  1. prasadjain profile image72
    prasadjainposted 10 years ago

    After publishing 20 hubs and 5 weeks passed and spending thousands of rupees(approximately ,u.s.$200) still I have not received the report on my earning for the month of May.Does it mean that I have not yet accumulated $50 in my account?In that case, is it worthy to spend so much time on this?On reading the messages  on this forum, I have come to know that some of my fellow writers also have not received enough remuneration.Can anybody clarify the things?

    1. pauldeeds profile image
      pauldeedsposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I checked your account.  Beyond what other people have said, a few things:

      1) You haven't followed all the steps to have Adsense active on your hubs, see this post for further instruction:


      2) While you have 20 hubs, they haven't generated much traffic at all.  There is a strong correlation between getting traffic and making money.  In order to increase your traffic I'd suggest reading this:


      and some of the hubs by "Hubpages":


      Good luck.

  2. profile image0
    Jeffry Vanceposted 10 years ago

    Report from whom?


  3. spuds profile image60
    spudsposted 10 years ago

    Um prasadjain who are you expecting a report from?

    You check your Google adsense at https://www.google.com/adsense/login/en_US/

    Other affiliates such as Amazon you check your earnings at each website.

  4. jimmythejock profile image88
    jimmythejockposted 10 years ago

    After publishing 20 hubs and 5 weeks passed and spending thousands of rupees(approximately ,u.s.$200)......

    why have you spent money? hubpages cost you nothing to use.

    have you set up your affiliate accounts with ebay, amazon an google,if you have then you need to check your individual accounts with them, you do not get a monthly report, you log into your accounts to view your status and earnings..........jimmy

  5. darkside profile image81
    darksideposted 10 years ago

    What was the money spent on?

    And why haven't you logged into your Adsense account to see how much you've earned?

    $50 is when they send out your PIN.

    But you need $100 before payout.