How important is it to back link my hubs?

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  1. Ben Zoltak profile image82
    Ben Zoltakposted 14 years ago

    Well, I hope I am posting this in the right spot. I've been on Hubpages now a little over 3 months, and am enjoying it thoroughly, all the writers here have been great. I have done a lot of research on increasing traffic to my hubs, and mostly people seem to collectively agree that to really boost traffic you have to index your hubs on other sites such as which is the only site I have indexed more than a few of my own.

    I guess what I am really wondering is, do you have to index all of them on over four index sites?

    Most of my traffic is still from hubpages, with only about 20% coming from search engines. Also, I'm only getting about 40-60 impressions/day. I heard to make any real money (as of this date I'm still only at about $25 on adsense) you have to get readership up to 500-2000 impressions/day. I feel like I am miles from that!

    Is backlinking the best way? Or do I just have to wait longer and see if my readership goes up on it's own?

    Thanks for your help everybody!!!

    1. Marisa Wright profile image83
      Marisa Wrightposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, backlinking is the best way - but not on sites like Reddit!

      First of all, you have to be careful with sites like Digg, Reddit etc.  They're intended to be used to recommend sites you like, not to promote your own stuff.  Some of them expressly prohibit self-promotion, and ban you if you get caught.  In practice, many people do promote their own sites, but they hide them by submitting a much larger number of other sites at the same time.

      The best backlinks are on sites relevant to yours. Find forums on your Hub topics, preferably where you can include a signature link.  Post comments on related blogs.  Start your own blog and link back to your Hubs.  Getting the idea?

      Having said that, I don't backlink to my Hubs much at all (in fact, I use my Hubs to backlink to my other sites!).  The great thing about HP is that Hubs get traffic simply because of HubPages' reputation. Patience is the key - if you have good Hubs on good subjects, traffic builds gradually over time.

      1. Ben Zoltak profile image82
        Ben Zoltakposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks Marisa, this is exactly what I was thinking, you confirmed what I believed. There are a lot of people out there saying to backlink, but what they mean, is exactly the details you stated!



      2. Rochelle Frank profile image92
        Rochelle Frankposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        I just looked into reddit and found a statement that says:
        "Feel free to post links to your own content (within reason). If that's all you ever post, and it always seems to get voted down instantly, take a good hard look in the mirror -- you just might be a spammer."
        Can't find anything saying you cant post your own links-- but I haven't looked too deeply into it yet.

    2. Don Simkovich profile image60
      Don Simkovichposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      One of my articles that gets constant hits from Google was never linked any where else . . . but it tooks 7 months after I wrote it to start generating traffic. Search engines may not pick up on topics until 4-6 months after a Hub is written.

  2. MrCartier profile image59
    MrCartierposted 14 years ago
  3. Lily Rose profile image86
    Lily Roseposted 14 years ago

    If you search, you will find many great hubs about backlinking.  I have several bookmarked.  Here's a good one by Sunforged, who is well-versed in SEO: … -earn-from

    Good luck!

  4. Susana S profile image92
    Susana Sposted 14 years ago

    My answer Ben is that it depends smile If you've found some really good keyphrases with plenty of traffic and little or no competition then in my view backlinking is not important (this is the strategy I go for since I hate backlinking!). The backlinks will come naturally in this scenario. I like to ping my new hubs using pingates or pingoat which send the link to a load of sites around the web.

    If you've got more than a little competition then some backlinking is worth it. It's also worth looking on the first page of google results for your keyphrase and see what pagerank the pages listed have - if they are 2 or under you can get that spot with a hub quite easily without much backlinking. If they have a higher PR then links will be important.

  5. Ben Zoltak profile image82
    Ben Zoltakposted 14 years ago

    Interesting, thanks everyone. I am hoping that more hubs will produce more adsense too. After 3 months I'm still only a little over $27 but maybe this is a good amount for 61 hubs? I'm not sure. Either way I've picked up some side work which sadly has pulled me away from the keyboard, ah well life is only perfect in it's imperfections.

    Thank you all for the direction, I will try and check out some of the articles you all have pointed out!


    1. Marisa Wright profile image83
      Marisa Wrightposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      At 3 months, I think I'd made around $5 with 55 Hubs - so you're doing very well!

  6. JYOTI KOTHARI profile image60
    JYOTI KOTHARIposted 14 years ago

    It is not necessary that search engines take long time to pick up a site. Many times, it takes only couple of days to be in the top of SERPs.
    It depends on quality of content, uniqueness and back links. I believe that back links are important.
    Jyoti Kothari

  7. Life at DrTom's profile image68
    Life at DrTom'sposted 14 years ago

    I'd be happy with $27 per day at this point.  I did submit an article to an article submission service, but it cost $25.  It was sent to 363 article directories, and the site says it takes 4-6 weeks for those direstories to be effective.  We will see. Anyone have any experience with those services?

  8. Rochelle Frank profile image92
    Rochelle Frankposted 14 years ago

    After giving a quick test to reddit-- I'd say it's kind of like stumbleupon-- you might get a quick spike in views-- but they are not buyers as much as browsers.
    Mine was not comprehensive, or longterm research and maybe it can help some people if they learn how to apply it.  There are no magic bullets. Do it because you love it, or because you are committed to doing a lot of work.

  9. CarpetDiem profile image70
    CarpetDiemposted 14 years ago

    I think there are many good answers above, but I would add this. If your content is unique and in a not very competitive field, you probably just need to wait to do well in the search engines. But if you field is competitive, then you need links... and good links. If the link is easy to get (like a social bookmark), then it isn't very good. sad
    As with all things in life, success involves a lot of hard work.

  10. viryabo profile image94
    viryaboposted 14 years ago

    It gets a bit confusing sometimes. I've been on a kind of backlinking trip for about 3 weeks now and i'm not finding it funny atall. Its a chore if i must say so. but some great hubbers here at HP say its backlinking or forget great traffic. Other equally great hubbers say it will evolve with time, depending on the niche. I would rather see it grow with time, but i still backlink anyway, you know, to be on the safe side.
    But its still something i wish i could do without.

    I really love the idea Marissa gave. I think i'll just 'breeze' into a niche related forum, get involved in the conversation and then drop a link. smile
    I will definitely start to tow that path in addition to my regular backlinking. I will advice the same. smile

  11. Will Apse profile image87
    Will Apseposted 14 years ago

    The point of writing on Hubpages is that you don't need to spend tedious hours on backlinks. On the other hand, if you are interested in one approach, Lizzie Sowerbuts has a great article on how to write 8 copyscape pure and acceptable articles for ezines on the same subject with the same information- without spinning. … h-Hubpages

  12. Ben Zoltak profile image82
    Ben Zoltakposted 14 years ago

    Thanks for all the wisdom here. Sounds like quality and hard work do pay off with time so I'm still at it!!!


  13. EWS profile image60
    EWSposted 14 years ago

    Because the actual site HubPages is so strong your page will have more weight compared to if you started a new Wordpress or Blogger blog.

    Having said that unless your topic has no competitoon you will have to provide one or two back links to it if you want it to rank on the first two pages.

    Its funny because I cannot say the same about Ezine.  Google REALLY likes them.  Maybe its because every article is human edited.  Anyway, I see articles I have written and others for semi competitive keywords, jump to the bottom of page 1 or the top of page two.

    I had started a site about (it was a great keyword and nothing more) and one Ezine titled "Satin Patines Are The Way to Go" got to page one in two days and it brought me tons of traffic which then clicked on satin panties adsense ads. 

    HubPages is the second article website that Google trusts but not even close to Ezine.  They will instantly give your article weight but you do in fact have to do a little link building. Your article will get higher in the rankings quick if done right and your article is solid

    1. Ben Zoltak profile image82
      Ben Zoltakposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Man I don' t know if I have the cerebrul strenth to writein yet another website! Ezine, cmon mofo, one more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Maybe I shyould, but I canint, I caint.

      Ezine may taste likek punkin pie but for now this is all I can lay out there mon frere......................................................

      1. offshorebanker profile image60
        offshorebankerposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        one thing to keep in mind with relation to search engine traffic....or any traffic for that matter....if you are not selling something directly, but rather relying on web-traffic or ads to fund your web adventure, then topics with HIGH levels of interest where information is otherwise difficult to find are the best.

        i know that's kind of a 'duh'.

        but, for people who are used to running businesses that fulfill with a product you can have a very nice business if the prices are high enough and the profit margins are high enough just from a very small niche.

        this is very difficult to do when selling ad space based on traffic and click throughs.

      2. Ben Zoltak profile image82
        Ben Zoltakposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        Looking at my last post...

        Sheesh I need to lay off the vino when I'm on the internet!

    2. Lissie profile image75
      Lissieposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      That's muy experience too - you don't get any rev share with ezinearticles unfortunately though. There are a few tricks to getting you articles accepted there -I wrote a hub about using ezinearticles for hubpages backlinks


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