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  1. EricDockett profile image96
    EricDockettposted 12 months ago

    I just read an article about NFL football where NFL was capitalized incorrectly -- Nfl (!)

    Is this a mistake by the author or the editor? I'll put equal odds on that.

    How did it get past a human eyeball and over to a niche site? Another great question.

    There used to be a way to flag things like this and bring them to the attention of staff. You know, so we all don't look like idiots when the general public reads the article.

    I see no way to do that now. What am I missing?

    Bringing it up here once would have solved the problem as well. Staff is supposed to monitor this forum, but I don't think that happens anymore either. (sigh)

    1. Miebakagh57 profile image73
      Miebakagh57posted 12 months agoin reply to this

      Some writters resist the the rule to write in the normal when you've to began a word in capital 'Ink' at the beginning of a sentence, the write 'ink', instead.                                             It's they fashion, style, or bent. I don't know why these precious persons refuse to follow honor conventions or rules.

    2. OldRoses profile image94
      OldRosesposted 12 months agoin reply to this

      Matt does monitor the forums.  If you read enough posts, you would see his responses.

      I think that we should all extend some grace to the staff for small stuff like capitalization errors.  They are confronted with a deluge of new, usually poorly written, articles every day and do the best that they can. 

      When you see an error like the one you mentioned, you can either contact the author or email the editors.

      1. EricDockett profile image96
        EricDockettposted 12 months agoin reply to this

        My question was if there is still a way to flag the article. I guess you are saying there is not anymore.

        1. PaulGoodman67 profile image95
          PaulGoodman67posted 12 months agoin reply to this

          There isn't, as far as I know. I believe flagging an articles can be done in HP dot com, but not the niches...

          Sometimes I seem to remember that it's possible to flag a profile/account and specify why you did so, but not individual articles. It's some time since I flagged anything.

          1. EricDockett profile image96
            EricDockettposted 12 months agoin reply to this

            Thanks. I thought maybe I just wasn't finding it.

        2. Miebakagh57 profile image73
          Miebakagh57posted 12 months agoin reply to this

          Why flay the article? It's not a spammer, a scam, a bad mouthing, or any of the so called troll boy effects?                                  If I were you, I should have ignore the matter. It's common among certain writers on a minor scale.                                       Here's what I understand most. Capitalizing words in full seems to equate shouting louder. Certain folks avoid that...even Hubpages I think frown at it? Thanks.

      2. Miebakagh57 profile image73
        Miebakagh57posted 12 months agoin reply to this

        Last sentense well noted.

    3. Abby Slutsky profile image94
      Abby Slutskyposted 12 months agoin reply to this

      Please check … %20bravery and reread your wild bird article. Thank you. I will not be offering other comments or reading other articles, but I am sure I could find more significant errors if I did. Unfortunately, even the best writers are usually not error free. Once again, pointing it out was fine and, if you had done it the appropriate way, I would have appreciated it your desire to help. Like I said, I point out errors privately to other writers and wish I could have done so in this case, but it does not look like you are set up for that. Feel free to comment, but I won't respond again. Fortunately, most of the people here are helpful and kind. I am pleased to say that in the time I have been here I have never encountered this, and I have been grateful to those who have privately advised me of an error. That being said, if the 'Make It Happen' APA change does not always work, I am not sure we should be using it here.

      1. EricDockett profile image96
        EricDockettposted 12 months agoin reply to this

        You are correct. I apologized above and in another thread. It wasn't right to mention it in the forums.

    4. Matt Wells profile imageSTAFF
      Matt Wellsposted 12 months agoin reply to this

      The article flagging feature is not available on Network Sites and Discover. It is still available on HubPages. We hope to bring the flagging feature to all sites in the future.

      Please send the article link to and we will correct the title.

    5. Kenna McHugh profile image89
      Kenna McHughposted 12 months agoin reply to this

      Tiny errors happen, more than we care to remember or see presently.

  2. Abby Slutsky profile image94
    Abby Slutskyposted 12 months ago

    That was my article. I edited it a few days ago and it came up not conforming to APA standards for the title. That is how the auto conformed the title. I just changed it back, and I am sure that the auto title changer would switch it back if I let it. I have seen articles with far more serious errors featured in niche sites. The appropriate and courteous response would have been to reach out to me. (I have done this many times for other authors. They usually thank me and make the correction.) However, Eric thank you for pointing it out and reading the article. I just corrected it despite the automatic correction. I will be sure to read your articles with a fine tooth comb. I hope they are all perfect.

    1. EricDockett profile image96
      EricDockettposted 12 months agoin reply to this

      I did not want to call you out. You kind of just did that to yourself. Nor did I want to flag your article to get you into some kind of hot water. Only so it got fixed.

      But since you brought it up, if you are going to write an article about NFL football you should at least know how NFL is supposed to be written. The APA suggestions are sometimes wrong.

      My articles are far from perfect. If I made a mistake like that I'd hope an editor would spot it and fix it.

      Or someone would flag it so an editor would fix it.

      I have no desire to email anyone.

  3. theraggededge profile image97
    theraggededgeposted 12 months ago

    Why would anyone want to flag an article for a tiny typo like that? Especially when you know the author is an accomplished writer.

    Personally, I would ignore it, knowing the editors will probably get to it soon enough.

    1. EricDockett profile image96
      EricDockettposted 12 months agoin reply to this

      Again, the intent to flag was not to get the writer in trouble, but to alert the editors so they could fix the issue. And I really didn't see it as a tiny typo.

      In hindsight, I may have used some bad form here. I guess I came off a bit meaner than I intended.

      I apologize to Abby for any offense or embarrassment. I know you are a good writer and I'm sure this was an honest mistake.

      1. Abby Slutsky profile image94
        Abby Slutskyposted 12 months agoin reply to this

        No worries, Eric. I appreciate the apology and hope we can all move on from this thread.

    2. EricDockett profile image96
      EricDockettposted 12 months agoin reply to this

      I had assumed the editors had already seen it, which was a big part of my frustration.

    3. psycheskinner profile image82
      psycheskinnerposted 12 months agoin reply to this

      I would want to flag it to be helpful, just as I would be grateful to receive that kind of help.

      1. Miebakagh57 profile image73
        Miebakagh57posted 12 months agoin reply to this

        Does the saying that one good turn deserves another applies here?

  4. eugbug profile image96
    eugbugposted 12 months ago

    Usually I discretely contact the author through their profile if I notice spelling mistakes in titles or content.

  5. Jodah profile image91
    Jodahposted 12 months ago

    Yes, the APA suggestions or the titles in regard to initials like NBA, UNESCO etc is the problem, not the author. It almost always autocorrects to Nba etc. so if you are not aware at the time to change it the article will be published that way. It has happened to me a number of times.


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