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Niche Websites

  1. StevieDow profile image56
    StevieDowposted 7 years ago

    I have been working on my main website and it is more work that I wanted. I am also going to make several very small niche websites. I am told that small niche websites will over time out perform similar hub page articles. So I have a few questions.

    1. For a niche website, is a free Google website adequate? I am going to put up some affiliate banners and also adsense and than several articles. And a bunch of links to my other work. The other route is a paid site. not really expensive except I could end up with several. 

    2. Keywords. If I do a page somewhere on my website about salmon spinners, will those keywords show just as well in a search as using the same keyword on hub pages?

    3. It is good or bad to write a short hub as a lead in to an article on my website? With more detailed info on the website? 
    I have several unwritten articles I am holding back on as I am not sure where they will be most effective.

    1. thranax profile image51
      thranaxposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Good questions, i'll try to answer them the best I can...

      1.A free google page can hold google adsense ads, yes so it can be adequate.

      2. Yes, if you write the same article with the same keywords in the same way it should work just as well OR better on Hubpages then on your niche site. Personally though, owning your own domains and sites will be better because your not following "rules" or pre-made layouts if you do it yourself.

      3. Bad, don't write hubs aiming to your sites it will result in lower scores here and less traffic overall. And personally it annoys the piss out of people when they think they land at a page with all the answers and it has a "Click here for more information" link.

      Hope that helps and respond if you have any more questions or need clarifying.


      1. StevieDow profile image56
        StevieDowposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks, that helps a lot.

      2. sunstreeks profile image82
        sunstreeksposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Thranax, I completely disagree with your advice on #3 and I will ramble on to explain my reason.

        In my opinion, If all of your hubs point to one website it will lower hubscore and can cause your hubs to have nofollow backlinks instead of the stronger dofollow links. But, Hubpages can be used as strong tools to gain article marketing backlinks to personal websites if used on a lower percentage of hubs. I say 20 to 30% to any single website and your good but that's just my guess. The only time when you'd want to keep it lower is if you were linking out to what search engines deem bad neighborhoods like clickbank links.. I'd lower my percentage on those.

        It may lower your hubscore a little if done a too frequently, but so long as it is still in dofollow range the only downfall is the effect on ones own ego of having a 89 hubscore instead of 94 or whatever. Score is not THAT important.

        If a hubpages writer writes a useful hub and then uses anchor links with his preferred keywords to his website occasionally, it will benefit his website. Who cares if his hubpage score suffers if it benefits his website in search engine rankings.

        Truth be told I don't give a hoot if I get 50 search engine hits a day on my hubpage instead of 75 if the strong do-follow backlink aided my monetized website in getting 50 search engine hits instead. 100% affiliate impressions beats 60% any day of the week.

        "personally it annoys the piss out of people".... You are speaking for everyone with a rationalization of your own opinion. 

        With that said, "personally, through experience, it's my opinion that A 300 word hubpage that offers useful information and also leads to a 1200 word article on a website with even better useful information is a GOOD idea. "


        and never link out with click here for more information, link out with your keywords.

    2. Marisa Wright profile image99
      Marisa Wrightposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, IF you you now how to promote them effectively.  If you don't know how to promote, they will get no traffic and make no money.  Unlike HubPages, which (due to HP's reputation) get traffic relatively quickly even without promotion.

      So for a newbie, HP is likely to be a better money spinner at first.

      I know several people who are making money with blogger.  It probably depends on your topic.  I think it's hard to get taken seriously as a business if you have a .blogspot URL.

      No, because (as I said) search engines won't bother with your site until you promote it.

      Using HubPages to promote your websites is a great idea, however don't write short Hubs - write long ones that stand in their own right, with links to your websites in the text.

      However, I would strongly advise you to test out your niches by writing Hubs on those subjects first.  If they're going to make money at all, they'll make money on HubPages.  Then you'll know whether it's worth going to the effort of making a site.  You can always delete the hubs later and transfer the material to your sites if you want.  Or use the Hubs to promote your sites.

  2. Peter Hoggan profile image70
    Peter Hogganposted 7 years ago

    1. There are many things that can affect how much you earn from an Adsense click that are not just based on cpc, smart pricing for example which can affect your earnings based on trust, the relevancy of your pages and other quality signals. A free website on free hosting is not a signal of quality and I would personally keep away from them.

    2. hubpages.com has been around for a while - the domain was bought 5 years ago and was registered for 10 years, it is hosted on a unique IP address and uses its own DNS. HubPages have established a history with search engines, i.e. new pages and links are added every day and has multiple DMOZ and Yahoo Directory entries.

    The upshot of all this is that it will be difficult for a new site, especially one hosted on a free hosting service, to achieve similar rankings with equal effort. Time and a lot of hard work are necessary if you want to create a trusted highly visible web presence, but you do need to think about investing some money if you are serious about monetizing your own site.

    3.  I see no problem with this, I have been doing this for some time and it is an effective technique. Although my hubs tend to be at least 600 words, by linking from trusted relevant sites you pass some of that trust and relevance to your own site.