About linking to hubpages from other forums where I particpate.

  1. John D Lee profile image91
    John D Leeposted 10 years ago

    There are a couple of cooking forums at which I participate, and I had read that adding a link to my hubpages blog can be a good way to build some backlinks and traffic. My question is, should I just link to my profile page at all times, or should I change the link in my signature, so that the link best matches the forum topic where I have made a comment.

    If I am participating in a forum on BBQ, am I better advised to provide the link to my hub on ribs, for example?

    Obviously, changing my signature link frequently is more work, but if it offers a significant benefit, then I'll do it.

    Thank you in advance for your help in this matter,


  2. pauldeeds profile image
    pauldeedsposted 10 years ago

    I think linking to either specific related hubs or related author tag pages that have several hubs listed on them is preferable to linking only to your profile, but linking to just profile is fine too as a default action.

    You can find author tag pages by clicking on a tag from your profile page, for instance, you could link here on a BBQ forum:


    It sounds like you are an active participant in the forums, which is ideal.  Just be careful to follow any rules they may have about linking.  It is important for us all to help keep the reputation of the HubPages community clean.

  3. John D Lee profile image91
    John D Leeposted 10 years ago

    Thank you Paul for the prompt reply. I'll switch my signature to the more appropriate hot hubs link as suggested.