The Power of Social Networking

  1. qatarvisitor profile image60
    qatarvisitorposted 9 years ago

    I am researching an article on social networking and wondered if I could get Hubbers' opinions.

    What is the value of social networking, what does it mean to you, how important is it to you? Does its value lie in promoting your website, making money and contacts, or is it intrinsic within itself?

    Will be very grateful for any opinions!

  2. BeatsMe profile image67
    BeatsMeposted 9 years ago

    About your question, social networking may help you get more readers for your hubs. More readers mean more possibility of ad clicks.

    A few hours ago, I read in a news headline that hackers attack social networking. I didn't get to read the details because it was a video, no text details.