RSS problem!

  1. nicregi profile image78
    nicregiposted 7 years ago

    Hey there! Need help with RSS on my blog as it is really killing me. I am not sure what to do now! I tried to delete my feed to redo a new one on blogger. By accident, I clicked redirect all traffic for 30 days.

    So now, I want to create a new RSS on blogger and this error pop up "You are redirecting to a non-FeedBurner feed or a FeedBurner feed that belongs to a Google account that is not the same as the owner of this blog. In order to serve ads in your feed, AdSense for Feeds requires you to redirect to a feed owned by you through FeedBurner. Please disable redirection in Settings | Site Feed | Post Feed Redirect URL and resume this step."

    Now the problem lies as I cant click my feed since I already delete them but clicked on 30 days redirection. How can unable the redirection thingy now or must I wait for 30 days?

    Sorry for all the inconvience caused!