how do i get hubbers to read my hub

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  1. dablue profile image35
    dablueposted 8 years ago

    I'm new here and already publish 2hubs but no one is reading. Can anyone teach me how to get hubbers to read my hubs

    1. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image97
      Wesman Todd Shawposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      The best advice that I can give you here is to post your hubs via links on social networking sites like myspace or facebook.  If you have friends there-then you should get them to read and comment.  Comments and votes, etc don't have to come from hubbers only.

    2. Cagsil profile image80
      Cagsilposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Welcome to HubPages! smile

      You've been here a total of 2 days, written 2 hubs and you instantly expect people here to read your writing?

      You expect too much too soon. There are over a million Hub Writers on HubPages.

      You've made it to the forums, have no picture on your profile and yet you expect people to read your writing?

      If people don't get to know you, by either you making comments on hubs or posting to the forum...then how can you expect anyone to read your stuff? hmm

      Please do try to enjoy yourself while you are here. Get to know other people. Read and comment on hubs that interest you, write a nice profile about yourself and why you're on Hubpages, and most certainly insert a picture(don't matter what(no porn crap)) into the your profile as well.

      1. sofs profile image80
        sofsposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        You are on the right track,  your existence is getting noticed on forums and people will start reading your work. commenting on other hubs and writing great hubs are the best way to get others to read your hubs.
        Welcome to HP dablue!

    3. Jeff Berndt profile image90
      Jeff Berndtposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Hi, and Welcome!

      It's nice to have your fellow hubbers reading your pages, but if your goal is to earn money, having fellow hubbers reading your work doesn't mean beans. you really want to get traffic coming in from Google and other non-hubpages sources.

      Put links to your hubs on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, your own website or blog, and any other place you can think of.

      If you want to really drive traffic, you can learn the arcane art of Search Engine Optimization, but so far, I haven't figured out how to optimize my hubs without making them sound stilted. Maybe with practice...

      Anyway, best of luck, and I'll drop by your hubs when I get a chance!

  2. shazwellyn profile image66
    shazwellynposted 8 years ago

    Welcome to hubpages!  You have already made a good start by contributing to forum discussions. 

    Firstly, you need to enjoy your experience and write because you love it.  You will find that this will come through on your hubs.  Secondly, take is slowly and easy... you need to aim for an authorscore (the number on your avatar) to come above 74.  A good tip would be to have a nice picture - this ligitimises who you are.  Read other peoples hubs - ONLY IF YOU FIND THEM INTERESTING - and comment on them.  Make sure these are contributory comments - adds to the hubbers debate.

    Relax and give us some great reading material and you wont go far wrong!

    Enjoy your experience and I hope to see you around again smile

  3. Don Simkovich profile image59
    Don Simkovichposted 8 years ago

    Write 3 or 4 Hubs on one topic, make sure the topic will rank well in the search engines (although at this point that's not completely critical), add a photo to your profile - either of yourself or of one representing your area, follow other Hubbers you find interesting and make a commitment to writing consistently (one Hub per week or more), comment on Hubs you find interesting and the readership will continue to grow.

    It took me well over a year to generate consistent readership for many reasons (there were months when I stopped writing); but I kept at it and kept writing.

  4. waynet profile image72
    waynetposted 8 years ago

    It's not really hubbers you want reading your hubpages really, sure getting hubpage comments and rate ups from hubbers are cool and well appreciated, but you want traffic from external sources like Google, Yahoo and Bing really, that traffic is more likely to click or buy something......

    But if you are all about the Hubpages community,which I don't blame you, there are some fantastic people here plugging away at writing creatively and for the income hub on!


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