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Google Ads versus Kontera Ads

  1. Lisa HW profile image77
    Lisa HWposted 9 years ago

    This may be a stupid question, but does signing up for Kontera Ads mean automatically switching over from Google, and ending all Google ads?

  2. darkside profile image83
    darksideposted 9 years ago


    Both will run if you register and enable Kontera ads.

  3. thranax profile image52
    thranaxposted 9 years ago

    What he said, both will run at the same time.

  4. joaojeronimo profile image59
    joaojeronimoposted 9 years ago

    Is Kontera more effective in earnings than AdSense ?

  5. Uninvited Writer profile image85
    Uninvited Writerposted 9 years ago

    I don't know but I've already earned 35 cents through Kontera...not quite up to what I've started earning daily on Google, but close to the average.

    1. PennyWise profile image53
      PennyWiseposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      If you don't mind my asking some stats:

      How long have you been running Kontera?

      What kind of traffic are we talking about?


  6. Inspirepub profile image80
    Inspirepubposted 9 years ago

    Kontera is brand new, Google has been running for each Hubber since they joined (you can see that number below their profile image on the left).

    Traffic is entirely up to how much promotional effort you put in. Internal HubPages traffic and social bookmarking traffic have lower click-through rates than search engine traffic and referrals from related blogs, forums and articles.

    Expected earnings at HubPages for Adsense alone average $2 to $5 per 1000 visits. Adding Kontera in tests added another 15%-20% to that figure, but there are no promises.

    My personal HubPages Adsense earnings are over $6 per 1000 visits now, so the expected earnings are real - you just have to get the traffic.