Who is Moderating this SH***T

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    MaxFavorsposted 10 years ago

    Just like everyone else....

    I been here for 24 Hours... Got flat for "SPAM".  I re-do all my pages and resubmit them again.. same thing.

    Next, I submitted my pages for review....same thing.

    Next, I Created a few new pages with the "exact" same context and links and this time around "they are ok"

    Here is a link to the ok

    Not OK = SPAM???

    So my question is, who moderate this and why i haven't given a detail description of what am i doing wrong before they close my account.

    Can someone please tell me what are the differences between those 2 and why is 1 ok and the next not?

    anyway... till next time


  2. Jason Menayan profile image60
    Jason Menayanposted 10 years ago

    MaxFavors -

    The first had not yet been reviewed by us.

    As it turns out, it, and all of your others, were classified as spam, as well.

    Offering very little informational value, with links only/primarily driving traffic to another site, makes a Hub spam.

    I suggest adding more useful content to the site, including possibly links to other sites than the one you're linked to already.

    Also, you are not eligible to turn your Ad Level to Low/None since the Hubs are commercial in nature.

    - Jason

  3. ukstar profile image29
    ukstarposted 10 years ago

    Se up your own blog, you can say what you like and link to whoever you want to. I have four and thanks to an amazing piece of sofware I found by chance,they are all in the top 20/30 on google all within 12hours. Of couse I can't tell you what it is, spamming. One even has top four places in guggle and that includes a 2 hub posting, so obviously guggle likes hub!