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Algorithm Changes? Writers Unite - Let's do what we do best - WRITE !!

  1. Dorsi profile image91
    Dorsiposted 7 years ago

    We have a voice to address this algorithm change - we are writers for goodness sakes!! This is our business, and we know that we have some of the most talented and gifted writers here at HubPages! HubPages knows this, we know this, and it's important that our voices be heard. I have personally been visiting news sites and well read blogs and been making professional comments about HubPages and the writers here. If we ALL do this, take some time to make our voices known about the quality content here, I can BET that people will start to take alot of notice.
    It doesn't hurt and it can only help our cause!!!

    Here are just some of the sites you can make comments at, and you can BET that lots of big players read the technical news and articles about the algorithm changes. In big business, it's their job to monitor the news, so why not let your voice be heard too. That's what we writers DO BEST!!! And please feel free to add links we can post at.

    http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000142 … 47136.html

    http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2011/ … ties-speak

    http://networkeffect.allthingsd.com/201 … ATD_skybox

    http://dcreators.com/hubpage-hit-by-goo … hm-change/

    This is the comment I left here at the CNET blog


    "I have been writing at HubPages for over 2 years now and chose HubPages for many reasons - I could write what I wanted, the staff are great, the writers are friendly and helpful - and the site is always being improved and run very professionally. I tried writing at some of the "content farms" and found that the lack of creativity was stifling. Articles tended to be boring and repetitive.
    I think readers are attracted to reading at HubPages because there are some fantastic writers there that not only write from experience but write in a tone that is truly reader friendly. Reading a great hub is like listening to an interesting story from a best friend - and I for one will not "prostitute" my work to write for "on-demand" sites that choose what, when and how I write.I don't knock writers who do this but HubPages sets itself apart as a breeding ground for truly great and upcoming authors.
    Of course there can always be a few bad apples in any bunch but just the fact that HubPages has been wildly successful points to the fact that they are nurturing truly creatively gifted writers. My best hub is on the symptoms of a concussion - and why? Because I wrote about it firsthand when my son experienced one. That hub has brought people from far and wide - sometimes even readers just needing a little reassurance. That is the beauty of a well written hub - it not only informs but touches the reader. Another big plus is readers can give and get feedback to and from the author. And in this day and age, we need more people that care - and actually LISTEN. HubPages not only cares about its writers but its writers truly care about their readers."

    Read more: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13577_3-20037 … z1FVxfzkTb

  2. MyWebs profile image82
    MyWebsposted 7 years ago

    I have thought about doing this, and did comment on an article or two. I also tweeted and 'Liked' Ryan's hub http://hubpages.com/hub/A-Letter-In-Support-of-Hubpages which was mentioned in the HubPages blog yesterday.

    It was me who 'Liked' you and Jason's comments on CNET. smile

    1. Dorsi profile image91
      Dorsiposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Good idea MyWebs. The more we tweet, facebook and comment on these articles the more "voice" we have out there in webdom.

  3. xboxps3wow profile image41
    xboxps3wowposted 7 years ago

    I hate google now... All my hubs and my websites dropped ranking sad

    1. Dorsi profile image91
      Dorsiposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Hang in there. I had a drastic drop in traffic - about 500 views less a day (a third of my traffic) but I am starting to rebound.